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High or Low? MAC vs Revolution

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I did a cheeky little shop today when I went to town, but though I only spent £4 I got 4 amazing things for it. I will sharing that haul later in the week. Earlier last month I did a post about Face Value and how much your whole face of make-up costs. Since then, I have been looking at my products and wondering if I can cut back in anyway.

My usual blush of choice is Mac "Melba". I really love this shade because I love peach shade blushes and while I do love a hint of shimmer in my blush, I can forgive this for being matte because it is just such a pretty shade. However, I was persuing the Revolution Make-Up stand today, and another peach toned blush caught my eye (it was a proper magpie moment!).

This beauty is called "Treat" which I think is a lovely name for a blush. Again, it is peach toned and next to Melba, it is pretty darn close in shade. It is not completely matte, so that is a little giveaway. I think it looks gorgeous in the white packaging, such a nice contrast!

So here is my challenge for all you beady eyed beauty lovers - which is which? Swatched, I think there is a difference, but I want you to guess which is which. Let me know in the comments below, or take the poll over at twitter @prettyedu88.

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