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Let's cut (no pun intended!) the drama before we start - I didn't make a complete mess! So let's go back in time to January. I had just had my hair cut at the beginning of the month, a well needed cut, and whilst I love the hairdressers I go to, having gone to it since I was a very young teenager, this time they didn't cut as much off as I like. I like long hair, but the rate my hair grows, no soon had I had it cut, did it seem it had gone back to the length it previously was, an out of control length.

Having just been and forked out for a hair cut, I didn't want to have to go back weeks later for another one. So I loaded Google and typed in "How To Cut Your Own Hair." I know there is an art to cutting hair, but surely it couldn't be that hard, right?.

Another little trip back in time. For years now I have been trimming my own fringe. It is really easy to do and it saves a trip just to get it chopped. As I like my fringe quite long in the first place, it doesn't tale long for it to grow. I will admit I have made mistakes in the past where got a bit too scissors happy and chopped too much off. But I've been doing it so long now that I kind of have it down. I've seen many tutorials for this, but my fail safe is this one by The Beauty Department. I follow this religiously and it just works.

I have enough hair that if I made a complete and utter disaster that I could get it fixed, so armed with a pair of scissors, I decided to dive in. The first result that popped up was this one by Cosmopolitan, where hairdresser Lee Stafford explained how to give yourself a cut at home.

I decided just to do the ends of my hair, so I cut off a chunk about 2 inches long off. That first time you see the scissors going through your hair can be daunting, but when I reached the other side, I had a lovely pile of messy ends in the newspaper I placed on my lap to catch them. Then I simply snipped into it as it instructed to get rid of blunt ends.

While I was initially nervous to remove the ponytail band, as soon as I did, I was pretty impressed with the results. Last time I had my hair cut, it was cut one length, but now I has some lovely layers. It didn't look like a DIY cut at all.

I know the thought of chopping your hair can be daunting, but there is always one thing to remember - hair growns BACK. I've done it again since then, so here are some top tips I have:

Have a good pair of scissors:Whilst you might want to grab for any scissors you have, it is important to use scissors that are made for cutting hair. As I regularly cut my fringe, I already had a pair and investing in a pair doesn't have to cost a lot as Boots and Superdrug do their own.

Have straight hair: My hair is naturally very wavy, but whenever I decide to cut my hair, I always straighten it because it just makes things so much easier.

Give your hair a thorough brushing: Your needs to be as tangle free as possible, so I always get my Tangle Teezer and give my hair a good brushing, which can take a few minutes, but it will be worth it.

Take your time smoothing your ponytail: When you come to put your hair into a ponytail as instructed, take your time to thoroughly smooth it out and keep checking it is positioned correctly. I would even recommend standing up with your head down to get it all up properly, especially if you have long hair.

Cut it yourself: While it is always good to have the help of a friend, I would recommend cutting it yourself, it is a good practise to get into.

While this is a good thing to try, remember if you are under 18, I would get the permission of a parent before you grab a pair of scissors and go for the chop. And there is nothing better than going to a hairdressers and getting it done all lovely and pampered. But if your like me and comfortable with having a go, then why not?

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