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Mini Haul - MUA and Revolution

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As I mentioned in my previous post, when I went to town the other day, I did a little mini shop at the MUA and Revoultion stands. These are two of my favourite brands because the quality you get for the price is impeccable (big word there!). I can probably think of maybe only 1 product from each brand that I've had that I haven't liked, which considering I own a fair amount of their products is pretty impressive. And because you can get products from only £1, it is a lovely and inexpensive way to give yourself a treat.

First from Revolution, I picked up two of their £1 blushes. Along with "Treat" which is in my previous post, I picked up the shade "Love", which is a soft matte peach shade. As if you couldn't tell by now, I love me some peach blush. I like this one because it is more cool toned than "Treat".

These blushes are so buttery soft (I hate that turn of phrase!). They blend so well and you get a great colour payoff. For only £1, they are fantastic and size wise, they are really handy for travelling if you wanted to take a few shades.

Next from MUA, I picked up two lip products. First I picked up one of the £1 lipsticks in the shade "Bare", which is the regular formula. Then as kind of a go with it product, I picked up the £1 lip liner in "Caramel Nougat". Again, if you haven't realise by now, I love me some nude lip products! One thing I do love about lower end lipsticks, is that they always go for the colour in the cap, so it is so easy to see what they are like! And on this MUA one, you can actually unscrew it and use the product.

These two products totally impressed me. The lipstick is so creamy and really pigmented and is a really nice shade on me, not too light and not too dark, it is a perfect nude for me. I was slightly sceptical of a £1 liner, because having paid more for a liner that was useless, I didn't expect much. This totally blew me away though. Again, like the lipstick, it was so smooth and creamy and didn't have that sharp and drying feeling them some liners have. I would recommend you go buy this as I love it just as much as I love Rimmel's "East End Snob".

I'm so happy with my little mini haul. Which other £1 products from the MUA and Revolution brands would you recommend? Let me know in comments or on twitter @prettyedy88.

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