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Updated Nail Polish Picks

By 12:09 PM

As my nail wrack still had my Christmas picks in and we are now on the first day of April, I thought it was about time I swapped them out for some less Christmassy colours! I did my half annual nail polish shack up yesterday, which is where I take out all my polishes and give them a good shake up if they had separated. One of them was literally two different colour inside it had parted that much, but I saved it!

I don't think there is any rhyme of reason to the colours I have chosen. Spring kind of says pastel shade but looking at my picks - there ain't much pastel! A lot of the polishes I choose were old ones that I haven't used in a while but had to give them another outing. I've actually picked a lot of bright summery shades, so I don't know if I am tempting fait - will soon see.

The first row is strictly an OPI rows ad they are my favourite, favourite brand of nail varnish, next to Sally Hansen. My first choice was "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" from the Skyfall collection, a gorgeous grey blue, with gold shimmer in it. Next I picked an all time favourite, "Call Me Gwen-Ever" from the Spider-Man collection, which is a coral red, which are the only reds I wear. Then I picked "The Glittering Night", which is a rebrand of one of the Nicki Minaj shades, a lovely black with chunky silver glitter. The final two are from the same collection, the Holland Collection, which are "I Don't Give A Rotterdam!", which is a pale grey blue with a silver shimmer, and "Wooden Shoe Like To Know?", a milk chocolate brown with gold, which is a little out there for me as I don't wear a lot of brown on my nails.

On to the second row and this a mix of Sally Hansen, Revlon and Nicole by OPI. First up with have the aptly named "The Sky's The Limit", which is a lovely sky blue. Then again, another aptly named colour, "Hello Sunshine", which is a bright yellow with a yellow shimmer through out. Finally in the Sally Hansen ones is "Stocking Nude", a deep beige. My one Revlon of choice is "Popular", a pale baby pink with a chunky silver glitter, a very unusual shade. Finally, my Nicole by OPI choice is "Shoot For The Maroon" a deep red purple, with a gold shimmer.

To start the back row we have two more Sally Hansen colours. First is again an all time favourite, "Uptempo Plum", which is a beautiful deep purple, with a gold shimmer. The other is "Man-go Team!", a lovely bright orange yellow. Next we have an old Model's Own in the shade "Tropical Sun", which I am currently wearing over "Call Me Gwen-Ever". It is a beautiful peachy pink with gold glitter. Then we have a bright Barry M Gelly polish in "Guava", a dark turquoise. My final polish is a glitter W7, with a rather sad name considering how beautiful it is "Multi Debris". It's a lovely rainbow glitter.

So those are my picks for the next month. What are your favourites? Let me know in comments or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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