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Current Favourites For May

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Today I felt like sharing with you my current favourites, as I have been enjoying a lot of things over the past month, which actually includes beauty and make-up products for once. Enjoy.

- Favourite Beauty Products -

For once this month, I actually have some favourite beauty products. I've been reading online lately and seeing people use the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer, so having never really had much luck with a primer I gave it a whirl. I didn't want to claim OMG until I tried it a few times, but having done so, I can. I went out the other day in sweltering heat and while it felt like my make-up was slowly sliding off my face, when I got home, it just looked as good as when I put it on. I'm super impressed by this and I got it for about £2.50 in BodyCare where it was on offer and a lot goes a long way. I also can't stop using my Essence lipstick in Cool Nude, I just love this shade. You can see the swatch in my haul post here. I want them all!

- Favourite Food -

This month and the past month, I have been loving the Burton Fish'n'Chips Snack Biscuits in Red Sauce. I use to have the original ones all the time as a child and I was so glad when they brought them back. I've had tomato sauce flavoured crisps before but none have tasted as much like tomato sauce as these have. They currently have them in brown sauce too, but I'm strictly a red sauce girl.

- Favourite Songs -

To be honest, I have been pretty much loving the same songs since last month! I've kind of only really added one to the list which is Halsey's "Castle", but the version that was featured in the movie "The Huntsman: Winter's War", which I also went to see this month and is better than the critics say.

- Favourite TV / Movies -

TV has been a huge part of my life this past months. I completed "The West Wing" which was a fantastic series. I knew it was good because I missed it when I finished it, though the last episode let me down, but I think last ever episodes always are in a way. After than I started watching "iZombie" which has just come to Netflix and I finished that in record time and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very funny and witty and even if your not in to zombies, you'll still like it. Then when I finished that I finally watched "The Killing" and I have blasted through that thing this weekend. I'm watching it right now and it is so gripping. That means I have a list as long as my arm of programmes to catch up on! My favourite film of the past few months is without a doubt "Captain America: Civil War", which was just a masterpiece. I liked the fact that you were never really sure what side to be on and still right now, I couldn't tell you if I'm #TeamCap or #TeamIron, but I will always be #TeamThor!

- Random Favourites -

My one line a day diary. I know these have been around for years, but this one I actually picked up in Wilko's for only £2.50 and it is a 5 year diary, so I can't wait to look back on the memories I write down. I'm not the best with keeping up with any kind of diaries, because I just seem to remember dates, so I hope I keep up with this. I'll share my first entry which was "A Tale As Old As Time" - What do you think it is referring to?

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