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Eurovision Week: DIY Party Decor

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People who know how to throw a party, know how to throw a really good Eurovision party. I remember hearing about one of my teachers at high school, who had a Eurovision party each year and people had to come dressed as different countries acts. So in today’s post, I got handy with my laptop and have come up with some really simple DIY décor ideas, which would cost a lot less than what you would have to pay in the shops. While I can’t say they are exactly the most original, party décor really isn’t that original anyway!

Flag Bunting:
Flag bunting is really simple to do! Simply google the flags of the different countries represented in the competition, and make sure they are all the same size in pixels, before printing them off. Simply attach them to a length of wool, string or ribbon with a bit of cello tape and you’re done! For mine, I decided to go with the tradition bunting shape and made my flags triangle shape in Photoshop, but rectangular flags work well to. Make sure to space them out evenly – I used the width of my tape dispenser as a guide.

Eurovision Sign:
For my Eurovision party sign, I took an image from google which comprised all the flags of the county. Then using the font “Impact”, I type out the letters in capitals to spell out Eurovision (I fit two letters per A4 sheet landscape). Add a black border, then print them off and stick as previously with the flag bunting. I opted for Photoshop but you can easily create this in Word or any word processing software (it might actually be easier!). I just printed mine out on regular paper, but if you wanted something that could last for more parties to come, use cardboard instead.

Flag Straws:
Again, they were so simple to make and you can give your guest the flag that matches their chosen country. Grab your flag images and put two copies side by side (you will need to flip the flags that have images on or vertical stripes). Once you have all your flags, print them off and fold in half, sandwiching a straw between them. Finish with some glue and you’re done. You can also do the same with cocktail sticks to put in different foods, so people know what their origins are.

These ideas are so super simple, but very effective and will add that extra touch to any Eurovision themed party! I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and my final tip is this – Don’t stick the flags upside down or the wrong way round! I learnt that the hard way.

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