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Eurovision Week: Nail Art

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Being the avid nail polish fan that I am, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some Eurovision themed nail art. This look is inspired by the heart shape flag symbols that they use for each of the countries. This look is really easy to achieve and doesn't require any fancy brushes or perfect precision painting skill. Read on to find out more.

For this look you will need:
- A base colour polish (I chose Sally Hansen "Brisk Blue" to match the colours of my flag and it is a one coater!)
-A base/top coat
-A selection of heart flags (more on this later)
- Scissors
- Tweezers.

Step 1:
Grab yourself a selection of flag hearts. I made mine in photoshop, but you can google eurovision heart flags to find the one to match the country your supporting. Here is a good resource, but if your handy with photoshop or editing software, you can make your own too. Print off a good selection of sizes on normal printer paper - I needed three different sizes for my nails. Cut out the 10 sizes you need and arrange them in nail order. If you are supporting multiple countries, then print off different ones.

Step 2:
Apply a base coat, before applying 1 layer of your chosen colour and allow to dry fully! A 1 coater is better but use whichever polish you want. I tied mine in to the blue of the Union Jack.

Step 3:
Next, grab one of your hearts with tweezers and apply a very thin coat of your top coat to the back of it. You only want a thin coat so that it doesn't move the base polish, just enough to make it tacky. Position it on your nail, then press down firmy, especially at the edges. If you have allowed your base coat to dry for long enough, this should effect it.

Step 4:
Once you have applied all your hearts, give each nail a good coat of your top coat. If you don't apply a top coat, the colour from the paper will run when water gets on your nails.

This was such an easy process and the finished look is really cool. My biggest tip is when applying the top coat to the back of the pictures - make sure it is only a thin layer, because I did a thick layer on one and not only was it hard to position, but it messed up my base coat! If you have any patches where the images look see-through, don't worry, as once they have dried, just look on my thumb nail, the image is really clear! I'd love to see if you recreate this, so tweet me your pics @prettyedu88.

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