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Eurovision Week: Party Games

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There is always that time between counting up the points and getting the final score that seems to drag at Eurovision, not matter what range of strange entertainment they put on during the half time. So instead of sitting there thinking what the hell is going on, why not play some Eurovision themed party games. Below are some ideas of games that you can play, as well as having fun during the songs.

Eurovision Score Cards:
I think this is one of the best ideas and there are so many ways you can do this. If you don’t have too many guests, you could have a giant score card where you each give a score and add up the totals, coming up with you submissions for top 3. Alternatively, if you have a lot of guests, each could have their own individual score card. Once all the songs have finished, guests can submit their winner of choice and there could be a prize for those who get it right. You can knock up a score card in any word processing software, just remember that the scoring is 1-8, 10 and 12, but you can also add in the nil point.

Eurovision Quiz:
Who doesn’t love a good quiz! There is so much Eurovision trivia that a quiz would be the perfect mid way between the songs and the scoring. You could even have a prize for whoever gets the most trivia questions right and could tie it in with the host country. This years is in Stockholm in Sweden, whose most famous winners were of course ABBA, so you could give away a copy of ABBA Gold. Here are five trivia questions to get you started:

1)Which country has the won the most times over the history of the show?
2)What was the 1000th song to be performed at the ceremony?
3)Which country has come last the most times?
4)What was the first year that Australia took part?
5)Which song is the all-time highest scoring winner?

If you need to know the answers, scroll down to the bottom of the post!

Eurovision Guess The Song:
This is a great way to involve the past music of the show. Simply key up a selection of tunes from over the history of the show and play a section of the song for your guests to guess. Another way you could do this is to give the name of a singer and their song, and your guests have to guess what country it represented. If you have the time, you could print off mini flags for your guests to hold up and give extra points if it is the country your guests has come as.

Eurovision Bingo:
Another one you can play throughout the show! Make up a bingo card, or even google one as there are loads out there. You can give it a fun twist by coming up with options that are just totally about the funny side to show. For instance, you could have one that says Graham Norton says a sarcastic comment about one of the host countries.

So there are some fun ideas for you to make your Eurovision party just that bit more fab!

Trivia Answers:
2)Ireland’s Brian Kennedy “Every Song Is A Cry For Love”
5)Norway’s Alexander Rybak “Fairytale”

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