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Make Up Revolution Haul Part 1

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Hello everyone! I know it has been a little while since I lasted posted, but over the past 2 weeks, I have been very busy with a lot of life stuff, specifically job stuff. As you know, I am currently looking for a new job and over the last few weeks, I've had about 4 interviews. But I am happy to say that I have a new job as a Teaching Assistant starting in the new school term in September. If you know, or don't know, I qualified as a teacher a few years ago and just had absolutely no luck trying to get a job. I hope one day I do manage to get a full time teaching job, but as I love working with children in an capacity and have enjoyed working as a Teaching Assistant in the past, this will more than do for now.

But as you know from the title, this is not a life update, but a Make-Up Revolution haul! Following on from my good news, I did a cheeky order online, as they had a sale on. I kind of wish I had waited till this week, because they had a free gift offer on, which I just bloody missed. But if I'm being honest, I don't need anymore make-up and I certainly didn't need the 6 eyeshadow palettes I got. I am all good on the eyeshadow palette front for a good long while (she says!).

Today's part of the haul is showing you everything that I got which is non eyeshadow related, so lets just jump in.

First thing I picked up in the sale was the Pro Brush Cleanse Tool for £2.50 (RRP £4.99). I am very religious when it comes to washing my brushes, but it by no means means that I enjoy it. So I thought I would buy this little tool to see if it helped. Being honest, I don't think it will make it any more enjoyable, but it might help get to the make-up that gets down deep in the brushes, especially foundation. And it is purple, so it will always be a plus point for me.

Never one to pass up a new lip product, I picked up a Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Their Eyes Can't Find Us for £1.50 (RRP £3.00). I actually picked up the shade Move Your Mouth Forever, which was apparently out of stock, but I have been charged for it, so I am still waiting to hear back on what has happened with that one. I have tried this and while it swatches very pigmented, on my lips it really doesn't look like I have anything on, because I think it is very close in shade to my natural lip tone. If I was to describe the texture of this it would be a hybrid of a lip gloss and those matte lip creams that are everywhere at the moment. I like it but I don't love it. I would like to know if I would like the other shade I ordered better (I'll update you when I hear back).

Last up for me was a highlighter, which is not something I usually gravitate towards. I don't really use highlighters on a daily basis but I kind of wish I did because they are gorgeous. I order the packaging of this Radiant Light Highlighter in Exhale (£2.50, normally £5.00). I think the shiny copper packaging just makes it look that little bit more expensive. I went for this shade because I felt Glow was too orange and Breathe was similar to something I already owned. The compact itself has a really good sized mirror in, which is always a plus point. Exhale is a great mix between a white highlighter and a gold highlighter. This is so soft and smooth and I would describe it as the way your skin shines when it is wet - beautiful.

And that is the first part of my haul! I will hopefully get another post up tomorrow if I find sometime in the afternoon, but if not, Sunday for sure! Bring on the eyeshadow palettes!

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