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Make-Up Revolution Haul Part 2

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Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a glorious day full of sunshine. I've had a busy morning doing some work but now I am free and ready to share with you the next part of my Make-Up Revolution Haul. This portion will feature 3 of the 6 palettes I bought (that is correct, though why I need 6 I will never know!). Revolution get top marks by the way for naming their shades and for putting the shades on the outside of the packet - I don't know why that makes a happy difference to me, but it does!

The first palette I picked up in the sales section was from the I Heart Make-Up range, which is one I haven't shopped before. I picked up the #Selfie palette for £2.49 (RRP £4.99). This contains 10 shades, and comes with a free mini primer in a gorgeous gold metallic colour. I picked this up not really thinking much of it, but just liking the colours, but I think this is one of my favourite that I got. I actually find the two tone lid really cool and think this is just such a nifty little thing. The pans inside are smaller than you regular eyeshadow palette, but it more than makes up for this with the range of shades and being so compact. This would be a perfect travel palette. They are all really great shades, but I particularly like #Awks, #Love and Share This.

(Top to Bottom: #Awks, Goldigga, #ChocFix, Me Me Me and Check Us In.)

(Top to Bottom: How Many Likes, #Club, #Trashy, Share This and #Love.)

The next palette I picked up from the I Heart Make-Up range was the Chocolate Vice Palette (£7.99). This is the newest in the range of chocolate palettes they do, which I would compare to the Too Faced Chocolate palettes, though this one doesn't have an exact comparison. While I think the chocolate design on the front matches the palette name, I don't love it, I find is a little clunky (is that a word). This has 16 shades inside, including two bigger pans with what I presume are highlight shades in both a matte and shimmer tone. This has a mix of more neutral tones, as well as the odd surprise, such as some red based tones, an orange and a blue/black. I don't know if these palettes are suppose to smell like the Too Faced ones, but mine stinks! I do like this palette, but I would have preferred the naked chocolate or salted caramel one, which were out of stock when I ordered. I like most of the shade, some are a bit iffy, but I really like Persuade, Crave, Reason and Must.

(Top to Bottom: Convert, Require, Satisfy, Sway and Vice)

(Top to Bottom: Need, Persuade, Habit and Treat. Vertically - Lust and Crave.)

(Top to Bottom: Fancy, Maleficence, Must and Reason, then Appeal vertically.)

Finally, again in the sale, I picked up another Salvation Palette in What You Waiting For? for £3.00 (RRP £6.00). I already have one of these in Girls On Film, but couldn't resist picking up another. This palette is clearly inspired by the Gwen Stefani song of the same name, and has 18 shades in a mix of shimmer and matte, the matte being in the circle pans. I would classify this palette as being a rosey toned palette, mixed with some gold/brown shades. I didn't swatch all these, but you can see full swatches on the Revolution website. The four that intrigued me the most from top to bottom are: Hot Track, Million Dollar Contract, Take A Chance and Sex Chromosome.

So that is three down, three to go. I really like the #Selfie and What You Waiting For palette, but I think the Chocolate Vice one was a bit hit and miss. Check back on Monday for the final three.

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