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Make-Up Revolution Haul Part 3

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Good morning everyone! I know I said I would have the last part of this haul up on Monday, but by yesterday afternoon I had complete jelly legs! I worked pretty much straight for 2 and a half hours and was knackered. I'm feeling it today, but luckily long bouts of walking have no apparent effect on fingers, so I am ready to type up this post!

Today I have the final three palettes in my Make-Up Revolution haul. All of these are the 12 pan Redemption palettes. I only have 1 other of these which is the Iconic 3 palette, so I didn't mind picking up a few more.

The first I picked up was the Iconic Dreams Palette for £2.00 (RRP £4.00). This palette had 8 shimmer shades and 4 matte shades, and ranges from neutral tones, as well as a couple green based tones. I'm really into Khaki Green at the moment, so this is what drew me in, but it also has some really nice bronze shades in too. The matte shades are the perfect ones for highlighting and for the crease. This would be a great edition to everyday palettes but with that little something different. They all have that great Revolution pigmentation and softness.

Next I picked up the Iconic 2 Palette (£4.00). We all know these are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, which as much as I would love to owe, I can't justify the price at the moment. While this is a neutral palette, the shadows are very cool toned. Again, there is a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. I especially like the cool toned gold shades in this and the more grey toned shadows. Again, they all have that great Revolution pigmentation and softness.

Finally, for something a bit different, I picked up the Romantic Smoked Palette (£4.00). This is defiantly not an average neutral toned palette, with it's mix of green, purple and rose shades. I like that it subtle enough that you can use it everyday but add a little mix up to your usual look. Again, there is a good mix of matte and shimmer. I especially like the mauve beige matte shades for the crease. Some of the matte shades I had to really build up, so the pigmentation wasn't is instant as the shimmers.

I hope you have enjoyed this little haul and I shall be locking my purse up with a padlock from now!

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