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My Most Used Make-Up Brushes

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As much as all the pretty colourful make-up is such fun (Miranda anyone!), there is something just as equally fun about make-up brushes. While I’ve always been in to make-up, I never really got the whole need for tons of make-up brushes. I still don’t, but having said that, I do have a lot lol! I think there is something really fun about looking at all the different types, styles and makes of brushes and this is totally regardless of if they actually are any good!

I personally feel that you do not need to spend a bucket load on make-up brushes. The most I have ever spent on a single lone brush is about £12 and one a set of brushes around the £20-35 mark. I cannot understand spending £30+ on one brush alone, to me that seems insane! While I think a good brush does make a difference, I think that a lot of it is to do with how you use the brush and the product together. I can’t speak on longevity of more expensive brushes, but the brushes I use right now I have had for a couple of years, and with good care, they still look as good as new. I’ve very regimental about cleaning them and they still feel as soft as ever.

So, without me rambling on even more, here are the brushes the I reach for daily.


I mix and match between most of my brushes depending on what mood I am in, but the two main ones I pretty much use interchangeably for my foundation are the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (£8.99) and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99). I have been using the Expert Face Brush for (since according to my blog!) March 2013, so this brush is 3 years old and it is still holding up. I never sheds and it is still as soft and shapely as the day it came home with me, although despite many a wash, it has a slight tinge of foundation shade now. This brush is just so good at buffing in your foundation and it doesn’t suck up half the product either and can really mould to the shape of your face. I really don’t get the flat paddle tradition foundation brushes – it’s like spreading foundation on your face which reminds me of butter on bread! I’ve had my sponge since December 2013, and so it probably does need replacing for hygiene reasons even though I wash it regularly. Apart from that, it has held up so well apart from a slight mini chunk missing in the top, but I think that was my fault. I love the shape of this compared to sponges like the beauty blender, because it is flat and using it with water, you would think would mess up your foundation, but it helps to really melt it in to the skin. You can even pick up a two pack of these for £10, which means you can buy three of these for the price of one beauty blender. Sponges are a pain to clean, but the pros outweigh that con.


I have two brushes I use for my concealer and one is a recent discovery. The first brush I use for blending under eye concealer is the Real Techniques Contour Brush (part of the core collection - £20.99 for 4 brushes). I always think of Tanya Burr when I use this brush, because she is always saying she never uses brushes for what they say they are for. This is just the perfect shape for your under eye area. I keep magpieing on all the Real Techniques brushes at the moment since they have been repackaged! The next brush I have been using more recently for concealing spots and blemishes, is the MUA F2 Stippling Brush (£3.00). This is just perfect for blending concealer, because if isn’t as full as other brushes, so it doesn’t move the product away but rather lightly brushes it and blends it. I’ve never blended concealer as well as I have with this kind of brush.


I think eyes are the area I have the most brushes for, but that is because it depends on what kind of look I am going for. If I am trying to be as clean as possible, then for my eye base (usually a Maybelline Color Tattoo), I use the Eco Tool Blend Brush (part of a set - £7.99 for 5 brushes). This is so good at packing on the product quickly and easily and because it is nice and big, it fills the whole eye shape. For shadow on my lids I will either go for the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (part of a starter set - £20.99 for 5 brushes – but comes in a variety of their kits), or the ELF Eyeshadow Brush (£2.00). I think for the lids, you really don’t need an expensive brush, but you do need one that won’t shed and I’ve never had that problem with either of these brushes. Because they are flat, they pack the colour on really well. Finally, a recent blending brush that I have been loving for the crease, is the Revolution E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush (£1.99). This has literally upped my blending game so much and is the perfect shape for my crease.


For powder, I tend to pretty much stick to the Real Techniques Setting Brush (£7.99). This brush is like a flat version of the contour brush, so it is perfect for setting under eye make-up and for topping concealer. I tend to use it on my t-zone too, because I don’t tend to set my cheeks because I prefer the more dewy look there. If I do want something more long lasting, I’ll use a big powder brush like the Real Techniques Powder Brush (£10.99). This is just a gorgeous, big, soft, fluffy brush and again I’ve had this since 2013 and it never sheds and is just like new. For blush or bronzer, I have a trio of brushes depending on the look I’m going for. I have the classic Real Techniques Blush Brush (£9.99). I have used this with every blush colour under the sun and it never stains. It is perfect for blush on the apples and then sweeping to. Again from Real Techniques, I like the Cheek Brush (part of a limited edition collection – this is no longer available but I believe it might be the same brush that is in the new cheek and lip set although they look slightly different). This is the perfect shape for the cheek, but I’ve also use this for foundation in the past. A recent favourite is the Revolution F105 Contour Brush (£3.49), which I love for sweeping the colour up my cheek bones.

I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of my make-up brushes. I am always on the look out for recommendations, so if you do have any, leave them in the comments below or pop me a tweet over on twitter @prettyedu88.

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