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Poundworld Nail Polish Haul

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Who doesn't love a good pound shop these days! Over the past few years, pound shops have been an ever increasing mecca for discount, quality make-up and nail polish. Quite a few of my fav polishes have been picked up in pound shops, with brands even such as OPI being found on my trips. I was in my local Poundworld yesterday when I spotted these amazin triple packs of NYC nail polishes for £1, making that around the 33p mark per polish. My first introduction into the NYC brand was nail polish and the ones I do own, I love, so I couldn't help but pick up three packs (I say that like someone could have stopped me!).

The first pack feature three gorgeous metallic colours. A gold glitter top coat in "Gold Maiden", a beautiful silver which is a perfect dupe for a really old Collection polish I lived in called "Cyclone of Glitter" and my fav in this trio, a gold leaf effect top coat in "Top of the Gold".

The second packet featured another of the "Gold Maiden" polishes, which I'm going to gift away and two green/blue shades, the first simply named "Jade" which describes it perfectly and the second called "Doily in the Grass", which looks like a plain shade, but actually has a really subtle shimmer which is gorgeous.

The final pack was a mixed bag to say the least lol! The first shade pulled me in because it was so interesting, a mushroom brown shade called "No Flash Lights". The next was a perfect purple lilac shade in "Belvedere Purple", and the final shade was a fab red/silver glitter top coat called "Red Hot".

I am so happy with all the shades I got and think some of them together would make a great combo, for instance, No Flash Lights with the Top Of The Gold top coat, would make a great look. Make sure to head over to Poundworld now and grab some while you can!

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