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5 Girls Night In Movies

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Let me start by saying that choosing just 5 DVD's for this post was about the hardest thing I have had to do in a long time - I could not choose. Being a film fanatic, I have a lot of DVDs to choose from. In choosing, I just basically pushed past all generic rom coms and saved them for another post, because choosing between rom coms is bloody hard! Even the most pretentious film critics would have to admit that the power of a rom com is undeniable - even me, who I would like to think has quite good taste in movies, will admit to owning a hefty amount of rom coms.

But I choose, and I think I have picked 5 really good G.N.I movies that would satisfy a wide variety of tastes. While a lot of these are girl based, that is not to say that a great girl's night in movie could not be a boy heavy action movie (you'll more than likely find me watching The Avengers any day), but for a proper good (great English!) girl's night in - let's hear it for the girls!

#1 - The Hunger Games
If you like: Jennifer Lawrence, YA Book Movies, Action

As I mentioned above, I love a good action movie and think there is nothing better than a good blockbuster. So to satisfy this and bigging up girl power, I selected The Hunger Games, which features a kick ass female as it's lead character. Even though the rest of the series is good (Mockingjay 1 is OK), I went with the very first that started off one of the best franchises. Book to screen can either be amazing or a lot of time not so (apart from Harry Potter but then again I've only read 2 1/2 books!). But the first Hunger Games movie was a hit, bringing to life the books perfectly, with Jennifer Lawrence being such a good Katniss despite initial protest from some (I knew she would be amazing as Katniss). She owned the character and I don't know if I could ever see anyone else ever playing her now. This would be a great edition to any girls night in and you'll spend half the movie deciding if you are Team Peeta or Team Gale (hands down Team Gale - I always thought Peeta was a bit soppy.)

Follow with: The Hunger Games Sequels

#2 - Enchanted
If you like: Classic Disney, Musicals

I have picked this one for my sister, because I know she loved this film. Enchanted is one of the best Disney movies ever made, purely because it literally takes the mick out of every Disney animated movie cliche. It is incredibly cheeky and quirky and has some great songs to sing along too. Amy Adams is perfect as the lead character Giselle and I love the story that she comes from an animated world and how she tries to get along in the real world. I think there is nothing better for a girls night in than a bit of Disney - I think it should be an unwritten law. While this was made back in 2007, there is a sequel in development, which I can't wait for.

Follow with: Into The Woods, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella (animated and live action)

#3 - Bridget Jones's Diary
If you like: British Rom Coms, Love Actually, Notting Hill

With the release of the third Bridget Jones movie, Bridget Jones's Baby, coming this September, what better movie for a girls night in than the original, Bridget Jones's Diary. As I mentioned for the Hunger Games, book to movie adaptations aren't always great, but luckily, Bridget Jones was a good exception. Starring Renee Zellwger as the title character, what make this movie perfect is the fact that you can always imagine yourself as Bridget, she is one of movies best relatable characters. With the books author Helen Fielding and Richard Curtis writing the script, this was always going to be a true and faithful adaptation of the book (I know there are differences like Bridget's non existent brother), whilst also being very funny. There are classic scenes in this that will always keep you watching, such as the famous fight scene to Geri Haliwell sing "It's Raining Men". It might be predictable at the end, but really, who the hell cares.

Follow with: Bridget Jones's Diary: Edge of Reason, The Holiday, Love Actually

#4 - Mamma Mia!
If you like: Musicals, ABBA

This film might have it's critics, but God I can't help but love Mamma Mia!. I am a massive ABBA fan and have seen the stage show as well, so if there was anyone who was going to like this movie, it was me. This is perfect for a girls night in, because the songs are so knowable, it is like a movie and karaoke night mixed into one. This film was a box office smash, making over $600 million dollar on a $52 million dollar budget and I remember this being at the cinema pretty much up till the release of the DVD, or at least it seemed like that. It has a really quirky story, a fantastic song and you'll each have your favourite tune you can take lead on (mine is Lay All Your Love On Me). You can't help but smile and laugh and sing all the way through this - a perfect girls night in.

Follow with: Hairspray, Rock of Ages, Les Miserable (not the most upbeat but a musical non the less)

#5 - About Time
If you like: Four Weddings and A Funeral, Classic British Movies

I remember the first time I saw this movie and I was instantly involved in the story. What I love most about this story is that it has the romantic comedy stamp, but it involves time travel, not something you see in your everyday rom com. This film is incredibly well written, which considering it was by Richard Curtis, that isn't surprising. There are moments in this film, especially one where my heart nearly broke because you think something happens that changes everything and I won't say anything more because I wan't you to watch it and discover it for yourself. This might be a bit more of a thinker for a girls night in, but I love any film that you can't stop thinking about after you have watched it.

Follow with: One Day, 500 Days Of Summer, The Time Traveller's Wife (which strangely also stars Rachel McAdams!)

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