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5 Netflix TV Show Picks

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I was quite late jumping on the Netflix bandwagon, but from the moment I signed up for my 30 day free trial, I was hooked! Signing on to Netflix opened up so many new TV shows for me that have now become firm favourites, as well as offering me the chance to watch some shows I might have missed out on first time around. As my post the other day about TV shows to watch went down really well, I thought I would share with you today 5 Netflix TV Show picks. I decided to choose 5 shows that I have either briefly mentioned or touched upon, rather than some of the big shows that everyone (including myself!) has rambled on about, so that I can give you a good mix of shows. Just a note: This is for Netflix UK, as obviously, I am from the UK, so it might differ from country to country.

1 - Reign
If you like: Period Dramas / Teen Dramas

I did mention Reign in my Top 10 shows of 2015, but having watched some of the new episodes recently, I felt I needed to give it another mention, because of late, it has been extremely good! Reign is kind of an unusual show in premise considering that in America, it shares a channel with all the DC comic book shows, The Vampire Diaries, Jane the Virgin and so on. I feel that it is unusual because of the time period it is set in, as in the UK, that is something more akin to a Sunday night show like Downton Abbey or Poldark. Mixing that with the usual sort of team drama series, it does sort of stand out. Having said that though, I bloody love it! I don't like history as a subject, it just isn't something that interest me and period dramas are about as far back as I go in tv viewing (usually set within the last 100 years). But Reign makes the subject highly watchable. It follows the story of Mary, Queen of Scots starting in her teen years, with the first 2 and a bit seasons concentrating on her marriage to Francis II of France and with the latest episodes following her rivalry with Elizabeth I and her return to Scotland. While I can't say the show is totally historically accurate (for instance, the character of Bash, while prominent in the series, is a character created for the show), a lot of the names and stories do loosely follow that of the actual queen. I feel I have learnt something whilst having a lot of fun watching it. Whilst some parts of the show did get a little silly, it seems to have really found it's footing of late and has luckily been given another season.

When to watch: Seasons 1 - 2 are available as well as Season 3 with new episodes every Tuesday (Season 3 is nearly finished and currently I believe we are just ahead of the States for some reason!)

2 - The Killing
If you like: Crime Dramas

I was very behind when it came to The Killing. It was something I had wanted to watch for ages, even before I got Netflix and for some reason, I just never did. Then a couple of weeks back, finding myself at a loose end, popped on the first episode and I pretty much completed the series in a weekend. I wouldn't ever say that I specifically go for crime dramas, but I do love a good mystery that you can get into, that also show the lives of the detectives solving it, which this does. As you might or might not know, this is an American remake of the original Danish series, Forbrydelsen, which is also on Netflix. Unusually for a crime series, the first 2 seasons follow the same crime, which I think actually works really well, with the third including a new one, with repercussions of that playing out alongside a new crime in the 4th and final season. This show was originally cancelled after it's 2nd season, picked up for a 3rd, cancelled again, then picked up by Netflix for a shorter final 4th season. This is one of those shows that just sucks you in, whilst always leaving you guessing who done it! (or if your like me, looked on Wikipedia and found out before watching it).

When to watch: All 4 Seasons are available to watch now.

3 - iZombie
If you like: Zombie / Police Shows

I don't do vampires and zombies and all that kind of stuff, it just really annoys me. That was until I watched iZombie, which given the title, gives you a big hint as to what the show is about. But the zombie part is only really one part of this show, there is so much more to love. The central character is Liv, a medical resident who accidentally gets turned into a zombie. The show follows her life following the accident, where she moves to working in a morgue, where she gets the brains she needs to stop her going full zombie. But whenever she eats the brain of a dead person, she takes on their traits and memories, which she uses to help solve their murder. Alongside all this, she deals with relationships (both romantic, friends and family), as well as finding out about other zombies and trying to ultimately find a cure. What I like about this show above everything, is that it is actually extremely funny and entertaining. And unusually for a show, I really like all the main characters.

When to watch: Seasons 1 - 2 are ready and waiting, with a 3rd season coming next year.

4 - Gavin & Stacey
If you like: Comedy/British Comedy

I won't lie - I totally judged and dismissed Gavin & Stacey when it was on TV, I have no idea why. But when it popped up on Netflix, I gave it a go and instantly I was hooked, finishing the series over a couple of days. Set in both Wales and Essex, the show follows the lives of the two main characters, along with their family and friends, as they first meet, fall in love and get married. Each and every character is really unique and it is very everyday humour, which I really like. I'm sure some episodes had me nearly crying with laughter, because a lot of it is very relatable and I think you'll see parts of yourself in some of the characters. Go watch this now and you won't be disappointed (I will in a minute though).

When to watch: Season 1 - 2 are available with the 3rd season currently only featuring the Christmas special that aired before the 3rd season. This seems to happen a lot with BBC shows on Netflix, where the last season seems to not get added for ages! The entire series is on Amazon on DVD for £9.

5 - Shadowhunters
If you like: Fantasy/Folklore Drama

Shadowhunters starts a bit ropey, I'm going to admit that straight out. But if you bare with it and put aside some of the acting certain people, behind that is actually a really good programme that is a very enjoyable watch. If you arn't aware, the show is based on the book series. The Mortal Instruments and is a some what reboot of the fails movie franchise, which started with the first one, City of Bones, starring Lily Collins (a fair better Clary). The show centres on Clary, who after her mother is kidnapped, find out about this whole other world filled with werewolves, vampires (here I go breaking my own rules again), and other mystical, magical creatures. This all happens on Clary's 18th Birthday, when she finds out she is a Shadowhunter, a human that protects other humans from demons. The first series contains a lot of elements from the stories, including Clary's relationships with Simon, her best friend, and Jace, another Shadowhunter and if you have read the books, you will somewhat know a lot of what happens, even if it isn't in the same order. I especially love the character of Magnus, played brilliantly by Harry Shum, Jr. who you'll know from Glee, who has been given a bigger role than in the books. Like it said, it doesn't get the best start, but it really picks up and you'll find that you enjoy the secondary main characters far better than what would be considered the lead two.

When to watch: Season 1 is on Netflix as a Netflix original, so hopefully all other seasons should be added as they come (Season 2 is expected either towards the end of year or January 2017).

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