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5... Top Tips For Lips

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Doesn't everyone love the day when their lip game is on point? I have been through many lip disaster including the dreaded weird white lip line when your lipstick and gloss are making a break for freedom. Having said that, I think lately, my lip game has been pretty good. So in today's 5 guide, I have put together 5 top tips for a great lip look. Some of these you probably do anyway, but I hope you can pick up something new that adds the star to you A game.

#1 - Scrub your lips regularly
To get the best natural canvas for applying any lip colour, especially those matte ones that are the height of popularity at the moment, you need to scrub your lips regularly. There are many ways you can do this, but the simplest I have found is to lightly brush your lips with a toothbrush every time you brush your teeth. This will help to remove any dry skin and it is so easy to add to a routine as it takes seconds. Lip Scrubs are also a good addition to any routine and there are many that can be made with a couple of ingredients from your food cupboards.

#2 - Balm and blot
When you prime your face, prime your lips too. Use your favourite lip balm and apply a layer to your lips. While you do the rest of your make-up, you can let this do it's magic and then before your apply your lip colour of choice, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess balm.

#3 - Draw the line
I never really got the power of liner till this year, but now I have a lovely little collection in a variety of shades. There are so many tricks you can do with a lipliner to enhance your lip look. Lining your lips will help define your natural lip shape and give your look a more crisp look. Filling in your lips with your liner will provide a canvas for your lip product to stick to and make your colour last longer. This is especially important with bolder lip colours, especially your reds, which can bleed from your lips. Liner will help to create a barrier and stop that product from giving you clown lips. Filling in your lips can also be a great way to achieve a matte look, as well as giving a new twist on your favourite shades.

#4 - Powder and Shine
Another trick to getting the matte look with any lipstick, as well as making it last longer, is the powder and blot trick. Once you have applied a layer of your colour, place one sheet of tissue over your lips and use a translucent powder to dust over the lip area. You can repeat this to layer up the product, which will make it last longer. Another great blotting trick that I use a lot, is once I have applied my lipstick, I tap my finger lightly on my lips. Not only does this blot away excess, it let's your natural lip texture shine through and gives you a lip stain look.

#5 - Conceal the line
If your like me, sometimes when you apply your lipstick, it doesn't always stay inside the lines. Rather than wiping it away and smudging the colour into the rest of your make-up, grab your concealer and a small brush (either a lip brush or an angle brush), and apply a little concealer around the outside of your lips where the colour has edged away slightly. This will help to sharpen the look, especially with the bold lip colours.

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