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5 TV Shows You Should Watch

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It's coming to that time of year again, when we come into the summer lull on TV when all your favourite shows are coming to an end (Bye Bye Flash, Arrow and many more!!!) and you have to wait for any new series to start. But luckily, with that many TV shows on TV, old and new, there is bound to be a show you missed out on first time. I adore watching boxsets, even if it is a show I have seen many many time before (don't get me started on how many times I've watched Friends on repeat!). So if your looking for a new show to pick up, I've raided my physical boxsets to pick out 5 shows I would happily rewatch over and over again, hoping you'll find some inspiration for a new show to add to your schedule. All these shows are finished also, so you won't have the agonising wait for the next new season.

1 - Ugly Betty
If you like: Jane The Virgin

I jumped on board the Ugly Betty train a few episodes into the first season and was a faithful watcher till the end, despite E4/Channel 4 messing around with it's schedule because of Big Brother. Lasting for 4 seasons, Ugly Betty was full of so many colourful characters, being set in the world of fashion. At it's centre was Betty, played by America Ferrera, who was such a relatable character for many people. Don't get me wrong, this show had it's fair share of crazy, fun storylines, but being pack with colourful characters, it was bound to! Just like Jane The Virgin, this was also based on a telenovela, so if you like Jane The Virgin, personally, I think you will love this more.

Where to watch: Ugly Betty is currently available on Sky Boxsets, Now TV (till 15/09/2016), and you can get the complete series on Amazon for £23.00.

2 - Gilmore Girls
If you like: Hart of Dixie

I actually got into the Gilmore Girls pretty much as the show came to an end in the US, because it didn't start broadcasting on a channel I could watch it till, it must have been around 2006-2007, when it came to E4. They showed an episode a day, so I quickly caught up and it became one of my favourite shows. Set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, it followed mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, alongside the colourful (this word is being used a lot) characters of their small town, as well as there relationship with Lorelai's wealthy and something disapproving parents. There are so many well written characters, especially the main two, and show follows them through their relationships, as well as through their studies and ambitions. The show was a platform for many actors, who have gone on to find success in other shows and movie, including Melissa McCarthy. The show is coming back to Netflix this year with 4 special 90 minute episodes for all those life long fans like myself. In comparing it to other shows, it is similar-ish in tone to Hart of Dixie, with the shows actually being filmed on the same set (also the sames as Pretty Little Liars!).

Where to watch: The show currently airs weekdays from 9-11am on 5* in the UK and is available as a boxset for £49.99 for all 7 seasons, but I would say it might come to Netflix soon along with the new episodes, so keep an eye out their too!

3 - Chuck
If you like: Brooklyn Nine Nine / Agents of Shield

I adored Chuck when it first aired in the UK! The show is centre on the title character, Chuck, who after getting expelled from university, takes a job working as a computer expert at an electronics retailer. But after getting an email from his former university roommate who works for the CIA, he ends up with a computer program embedded in his brain, that contains all the information from the CIA and NSA. The show then revolves around Chuck working with both agencies to help solve cases, becoming a secret spy. As the series continues, Chuck's friends and family begin to become more involved with his secret. What I like about this show is that whilst is has the action and drama, it is very funny and comedic and Zachary Levi plays Chuck, who is the voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled, but also started in the show Less Than Perfect (who remembers that from the channel ABC1 - it was hilarious!). Again, this show has some amazing side characters, as well as some great guest stars including Brandon Routh, Rachel Bilson and Matt Bomer. I found this hard to compare to anything but the closest would be something like the humour of Brooklyn Nine Nine, with the mix of Agents of Shield.

Where to watch: All five seasons are currently available on Netflix and you can get the boxset on Amazon for £39.97.

4 - Dinnerladies
If you like: Classic British Comedy

When Victoria Wood passed away earlier this year, I felt a genuine sadness because she was one of my alltime favourite comedians, as well as an incredible writer. Most specifically was in the two series drama, Dinnerladies, which began back in 1998. I have a great memory of watching this as a child/young teenager, with some of the more adult jokes going over my head. But that is what is great about this - there is nothing adult about this, just clever, funny writing that doesn't have to result to being crude or dirty. Every character has their own unique personality and it features many actor/actress connected Victoria's work but recognisable from other things. It is set in the canteen of a factory and whilst it centres on Victoria's character, you'll find something to love in all the other characters, whilst them being really down to earth and relatable. As a plus for me too, it is Northern, and being a northern, I just get the comedy in it. It is only 16 episodes long, and I can't tell you how many times I've watched it! If you like classic British comedy (much like The Vicar of Dibley), you have to watched this.

Where to watch: The complete series is only £4.99 on DVD which is bargain for something so good!

5 - Miranda
If you like: New Girl / Classic British Comedy

If you have been a long follower of my blog, you will know that I absolutely love Miranda Hart. She is by far one of my favourite comediennes, and everything she does I cannot help but find hilarious, which is most evident in her self titled BBC sitcom, Miranda. Whilst the main character has many traits that I would say she draw from herself and her life, the character is so utterly relatable to anyone. She is a 30 something woman, just trying to find herself, whilst being surrounded by a cast of amazing side characters, including her post mother Penny, her best friend Stevie and her love interest Gary. I didn't get into the show till after the 2nd series aired, but I was an avid viewer following. The show lasted for three 6 episodes series, as well as two special to finish it, and while it has come to an end, I hope it does come back again in the future. If you love classic British comedy, you'll love this, but I have also matched it New Girl for the quirky humour.

Where to watch: Series 1 is on Netflix if you want a taster and the complete collection is available on DVD for £19.99, but it is repeated a lot on the BBC, so keep an eye out for it.

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