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Boots Haul and First Impressions

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Good afternoon! Whilst I know a lot of the country have been experiencing some bad weather with the rain, Lancashire seems to be a crazy anomaly, as I am currently sat with a fan wafting me (electronic, not a person!). I can safely say that with an case of weather, Lancashire is that one place that always does the opposite. So when the rest of the country experiences this heat, we'll probably get snow! I'll tell you how warm it has been here - I went to use my lip balm this morning and it had melted in the centre - it's in the fridge now!

I don't do weather in general, good or bad, but as this morning seemed the most normal, I popped into town to stock up on some essentials and surprise surprise, some non essentials made there way into my bag. I blame Boots for this (though in theory, they didn't force me!), because they have so many great offers on at the moment.

The first thing I actually did need to stock up on, was the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. I've been a bit lacks in my skincare routine at the mo, and I think my skin is telling me to get my bum in gear and follow would I usually do. I adore these little pads and as I said in my skincare routine post, I notice a difference when I don't use these, therefore I know they are good. They were on offer in Boots for £6.79, which is half price and a bargain.

I needed to pick up a new deodorant as mine is just on the edge of running out. I've been looking at using more caring deodorants, so I picked up the Bionsen Mineral Protective Deodorant for Sensitive Skin, which is aluminum, alcohol and paraben free. They don't make it cheap to buy deodorants that are a little healthier for the skin, but this was only £2.35. It is scented, and funnily enough reminds me of the smell of washing powder. But I'll give it a go to see what it is like.

Now for the items that fell in (I tell myself that). I cannot help but take a look at the polishes in the Barry M stand, because Barry M has amazing polishes and they did not disappoint! I really like the Gelly Hi-Shine collection and as they were on 2 for £5, I felt like giving myself a treat. My homing signal zoomed into two pastel shades, as I seem to be loving pastel nails at the moment. I picked up the shade Cream Soda, which I am actually wearing now. It is a gorgeous creamy white, which gives that lovely white nail look without the harshness that you get from some almost tippex shade whites. A perfect way to describe it would be a similar colour to a banana! The shade I picked was Pink Lemonade, and not being a massive pink lover, this surprised me. It looks like the colour of McDonald's strawberry milkshakes (my drink of choice!) - it is a really hard shade to describe.

A real surprise in my Boots today was a Sleek stand, as there has never been a Sleek stand in either my local Boots or Superdrug, so I was excited to purchase my first Sleek products in person (which were on buy 1 get the 2nd half price). The first thing I picked up was a True Colour Lipstick in Liqueur (£4.99 RRP). These are such dinky, cute lipsticks and I thought that you didn't get a lot of product, but it is the same as any other lipstick but without the need for bulky packaging. This is your average nude tone, but with a twist that I didn't see in the tester, that it has gold shimmer in it. It doesn't come off as glittery or frosty on the lips, but rather just a nice sheen. For my first Sleek lipstick, I'm impressed!

I finally jumped on the matte lip cream bandwagon. I've never really got matte lipstick or lip products, but the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams (£4.99 RRP) had some really nice shades. I took forever to choose between the one I got and two other (one was petal and the other was either bittersweet or shabby chic), but in the end, I stuck with that I know best and went for the nude shade "Birthday Suit". I really liked the applicator on this - it is long and thing, which made for easy application, whilst the tip means you can create a nice, crisp line with it. The sensation of it drying was something I have never felt before and I could definitely feel it on my lips, which I don't know if it is something I like or not yet. It did settle nicely and as my lips are a little chapped at the moment, it did crack a little but that is me not the product. Lasting wise, I can't comment on the lips, but I swatched some on my hand and could not budge them until I washed it off and I mean really washed with a nail brush.

I hope you have enjoyed this little first impressions / haul. If you have any Sleek recommendations, let me know in the comments or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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