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Current Favourites for June

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I can't quite believe we are coming towards the end of June. That means in good terms that it is less than two months till me birthday!! WAHEY! But sadly, it also means that a lot of my favourite shows have ended (boo!), and football is taking over the TV. But let's end on a positive - next week it is WIMBLEDON!!!! I don't get quite as excited as I use to because a lot of my favourite players have retired from the sport now, but I really need to pick up some new ones. Right, I'll stop rambling - here are my favourites!

- Favourite Beauty Products -

I only blogged about buying these just near the beginning of June, but I have not stopped wearing either of these Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints since I bought them. The off white shade is called Cream Soda and the pink is called Pink Lemonade. They are both gorgeous pastel tones and I especially like Cream Soda, because it isn't a harsh tippex white. I currently have it on with a red glitter top coat from NYC, just for that added sparkle and since I did my DIY manicure guide (which you can see here), my nails are a lovely shape. Apart from OPI, Barry M is one of the best for nail polishes and really have a way of bringing the trends to high street but also creating them. Currently on my wishlist are the shades Cotton, Fondant and Butterscotch Sundae, all from the Gelly Hi-Shine range.

- Favourite Food -

I can't really think of much in a food way this month, but I have baked twice my famous chocolate and vanilla orange marble cake which is gorgeous. I tell a lie actually, I have been loving these BBQ Pop'd Crisps from Lidl - they are, in the words of Peter Kay, a taste sensation. Crisps were my favourite last months because I am just a touch of a crisps fiend!

- Favourite Songs -

I actually bought some new albums this month - well, newish as I had listened to them on Spotify first. After initially dismissing the Sia album "This Is Acting", I picked it up because I loved a couple songs on it and it was only £4.99. Listening to it again, I bloody love it and might do even more than the first. There is not a track that I skip on it and one of my favourite songs which hasn't been a single yet is "Broken Glass". I also love the new Ariana Grande album. I've been a fan of some of her songs in the past, but never a full album. As well as the new single "Into You", I cannot stop playing the song "Greedy". The vocals are insane and I love the way it key changes.

- Favourite TV / Films -

TV has been odd this past month, with my fav shows ending and the football screwing up the schedule. So new shows I have picked up are as followed. I have been into two shows on 5*, being "The Magicians" and "Powers". They combine my love of comic book movies and Harry Potter. I've also been watching the new and last series of "The Musketeers" on BBC1, I'm quite sad they aren't going past three series - I'm wondering if it is expensive to make. I am terribly behind with "Orphan Black" which has now finished and the next season will be the last - why is everything ending! If you have any recommendations then leave them in the comments below - I have both Netflix and NowTv.

I have watched a fair few movie this month. At the cinema I watched X-Men: Apocalypse which was not a good end to the trilogy, what with Days of Future Past being so good! I raided my sisters DVD's and watched Pitch Perfect 2 (Solid - great songs!), Jurassic World (Good - but I've not watched the originals yet), Life As We Know It (It's Rom Com Formula Central so had to be good!) and Lucy (fantastic story!). On Netflix this weekend I watched Transformers: Rise of the God knows what (it's the 4th one!). While the action was good, the story and character development wasn't! I've probably watched more but I can't remember! - Just remember - with the new Independence Day movie coming out, I decided to watch the original because I couldn't remember if it was this or Armageddon that I had seen before - it was Independence Day but I had no memory of it other than one scene which wasn't even pivotal to the entire movie!

- Random Favourite -

I don't know if this is strictly a favourite because it depends on my mood, but I have been sewing! I am making my own patch work blanket from some of my old favourite tops and t-shirts and for a first time, I think I've been pretty well.

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