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Sales Shopping - Clothes, Accessories and Shoes

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There have been some fantastic sales on at the moment. It is very rare nowadays that I buy new clothes unless it is in the sale. There is something to be said about waiting then having a massive blowout in the sales whilst still hardly spending anything. I'm one of those people who gets easily annoyed if they buy something, then a week later it is down in price. Sometimes it is good to play the waiting game, but other times, your size goes and your bugger. But I think I've picked up some really nice bits that I thought I'd share with you.

The first sale I shopped online was the H&M sale. I don't have a H&M in my city, so I only ever tend to shop online there. I was super impressed with the service. I ordered on a Wednesday and it arrived on the Friday. I ordered 10 things in totally, which would have cost £121.90, but with the sales discount, it came to an incredible £50.80 - what a saving! I sent back two items because one didn't fit and one I didn't really like. I also sent one back because they sent the wrong size, but it was cleared up so quickly, and they gave me 20% off my next order with free delivery. That arrived really quickly too. Overall, I have been so impressed with H&M's online service. I will say though I sized up one on everything because their sizing can be all over the place. I am a size 16-18 in tops, which would be an L, but I got the XL, which I am kind of glad of. I got one in L because it was all they had, and while it fits fine, I do like a looser, flowy fit, so sizing up was a good idea.

I'll start with the top I got sent the wrong size in. Most of the tops I picked to wear for my new job in September. My normal style and work style are quite polls apart, so I tried to get tops that would suit both. The first one I picked up was this long sleeve white top, with hole detailing from the LOGG range. I thought the flower pattern was beautiful on this and perfect for layering over a black top, so you would get the contrast, or over white. It's really lightweight as well. This was down from £12.99 to £7.99 but I got a further 20% off that.

The next top I picked up in two shade because I really loved the detailing around the neck. I got this short sleeved linen blend top in both a cream and dark grey and while they look like simple t-shirts, there is a beautiful cut out trim detailing. You would have to wear something underneath this because it shows everything, but I always layer my top anyway because I get cold easily. This is so soft as well. These were both down from £12.99 to £6.49.

The next top I actually got a very similar one in black that I sent back because it didn't suit me, but I really liked the style of this green one. I wanted to inject a bit more colour and pattern and though that this had a great pattern that wasn't to out there for work. The sleeves come to just before the elbow, which is perfect as I don't like the top of my arms. This top also has a special fade effect that they say will get greater with more washes, and I really like that the pattern might be a bit more subtle with time. This was down from £12.99 to £4.99.

I picked up another top from the LOGG range, this time a jersey top in a marl style. I love marl style tops because I think they add something more to a basic top. Again, this has slightly longer sleeve that cut off before the elbow, but it also has a curved dip hem and I love me some curved hems, as I think they are really flattering. This is super soft like all the tops. This was down from £12.99 to £4.99.

The next top is a t-shirt that I could wear for work and for play. I had to google what the print on the front said, just encase it was anything bad, but it is french for I am happy, which I really should have remember. This is a touch big, but as I like the oversize look, I don't mind and when your working all day, a more flowy top is better than something fitting. I liked this one for the sky blue colour, as it was super pretty. This was down from £7.99 to £3.89. I also picked another from that range which was down to £2.79 and is the one I got in my actual size. This one I got as a PJ top, as I like picking up cheap sales t-shirts for pj tops! This says Cambre I think though I don't have a clue what it means!

I have a slight obsession with lightweight scarves. I prefer them over thick woolen scarves as I don't like anything itchy around my next. I especially love scarves with an Aztec/geometric print, and I picked up this beautiful black and cream one with fringe detailing, down from £7.99 to £3.19. I'm finding it even more harder these days to pass up scarves. Whilst we are on to scarves, I also picked this brown/tan western style one up in Primark when I was there recently. It was a pure magpie moment, but it is so pretty and was only £5 I believe. I have an issue I know.

The full New Look sale has only started today, but last week, I picked up two pairs of Converse style hi-top shoes. I have never owned a pair of shoes this style before, so I thought it was about time and I don't have a lot of everyday style shoes other than TOMS, but in this weather, they won't cut it. I picked up a white pair, which is jsut asking for trouble and a grey pair and they were both £9.74 each.

Finally, while I was in there today and the full clothes sale is now on, I picked up a simple pair of black jeans, because you really can't ever have enough pairs of blue and black jeans. I usually get a 34 leg or Tall ones, because I do have slightly longer legs, but I do pick up the odd pair of 32 leg because a lot of the time I do wear them tucked in, so if they are a touch shorter, it really doesn't matter (it is hardly noticeable). I am loving New Look jeans at the moment (I usually got a lot of my trousers from Dorothy Perkins because they have such great sizing) and whilst these are just black, the hem on the legs has a raw edge detail, which is something I've been looking for for a while and it my justification for saying they are different than all the pairs in my wardrobe. They were originally £22.99 but were down to only £9, which is a bar-gain!

And thats my picks (so far - I've just seen the full sale on New Look!). Most of the items will still be available so hopefully you can grab a nice bargain too!

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