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Current Favourites For July

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The end of July seems to be creeping closer and closer and I know this month has been a bit wishy washy with posts and that is for two reasons. The first being my regular life taking over. I have been doing a few volunteer days at my new job before I start properly to get to know the place and everyone, so that has taken up a far bit of time. The second reason is me having a good think about why I want to blog. It must have been a couple of weeks ago, I was watching a video on youtube where all these youtubers went to the same event and for some reason, I just had this weird moment of contemplating why I should even blog anymore. I feel at the moment youtube/blogging has become very saturated, whereas when I first starting watching youtube and when I started blogging (not this blog but my old one), it wasn't a big thing - now everyone and their mother does it and it isn't as individual or as unique as it once was. I can't exactly put my hand up and say I am anything unique either, but that is something I want to change. I think a lot of it has been this shift from people doing it as a hobby, to people doing it as a career. I'm all for congratulating people on success, but I think it takes a certain kind of person to be truly successful at it ans my reason for blogging is pure hobby and my love of website designing and coding. Anyway, rant over for now, you didn't come for that, you came for my current favourites (biggest ironic title considering my previous rant!).

-Favourite Beauty Products-

Having actually attempted to wear make-up this month, I've actually been using quite a few beauty products. I treated myself to some new brushes last month and so I think that gave me a little kick into actually making an effort again. This month I have been loving wearing the Clinique Color Pop lipstick in the shade Nude Pop, which was a Glamour freebie. It isn't often that I would consider purchasing a full size of a sample or mini, but this is one I think I would. I love the shade and it is a perfect everyday lipstick.

-Favourite Food-

I can't actually think of anything food wise that I have tried new this month or actually been like OMG that is tasty. I am going to substitute this category for a food related program which is Celebrity Masterchef. I honestly can't explain why I am obsessed with this show, but I just am! It is my Dragon's Den when Dragon's Den is not on. I am a little superficial in that I never watch the non celebrity version and a lot of time, I know celebrity is used loosely, but I just really enjoy all the different challenges. But small case in point, the one time I ever got food poisoning happen to be on the same night this was on one year. Now, most of time this wouldn't be a problem, but day they happened to be making street food, and my head could just imagine the smell and the colours were interesting and it just did not help the issue one bit. Luckily, it has never put me off watching it since.

-Favourite Songs-

I have collected a couple additions to my favourite playlist that I have on Spotify. Rather than link each song below, if you want to check out my whole playlist, then just click here. Quick warning - it does contain Christmas and Disney tunes as well :). The first song I added to my playlist was "Every Breathe You Take" by Denmark + Winter, which I believe was in the season opener of Pretty Little Liars. I love covers of songs and how they change them and this one is quite haunting in a way. PLL has introduced me to some good songs! The next song I added was "Sledgehammer", which is Rihanna's song from the new Star Trek movie. I love the Star Trek movies and Rihanna, so it was a great combo and it is written by Sia as well. The last song I added I had to track down. Story time: I was in the New Look changing room trying on some clothes and said song came on and I was like what is that song. So I quickly noted down a few lyrics on my phone and googled them later. Turned out it was "Let It Roll" by Ladyhawke. Can't say I have ever listened to her music before but I really loved the song and the lyrics, so this has been added to me playlist!

-Favourite TV/Films-

Can't say I have been watching a lot of new TV this month, because there has not been a whole lot on! I'm still behind with Orphan Black btw! One thing I have been watching is the new season of "New Girl". When people ask why it's funny, I can never give them an answer - it just is. I am missing Zooey Deschanel in the show because she was off on maternity leave, and I can't say I enjoy Megan Fox in it at all. But there is enough of the other characters to make me still enjoy it. I have stopped watching "Powers" because I couldn't get past the constant need to follow every word with the f word - it just wasn't needed. On recommendation from my sister, I am thinking of watching "House of Cards".

I have been to see two films at the cinema this month. The first I mentioned in my last what I did post, which was "When Marnie Was There", from Studio Ghibli. I am praying daily that this isn't the last movie they do, because their movies as just pure class, imagination and beautiful. Children can enjoy them, but adults can appreciate them just as much. The story of this one was particularly beautiful, although based on a book, and I enjoyed it being set in our time, rather than an imagined land or older times. And only last night, I went to see "Ghostbusters" at the cinema. I have no idea why that film is getting so much stick because I completely enjoyed it. The way I see it, it isn't a remake or a continuation, it is a movie in it's own right, incorporating ideas from the originals, while having it's own. I certainly didn't enjoy it less because they were women. While it is different in humour style it doesn't make it less enjoyable either and the ending I loved. Chris Hemsworth was hilarious in it and it is good to see him being less serious, as the majority of his roles have been. Anyone who isn't sure, go and see it and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. On Netflix this month, I watched the movie "The Fundamentals Of Caring" which is a beautiful little movie. I love Paul Rudd as an actor and the mix of characters was really interesting. I think Selena Gomez was really good in this too. I also watched "Sunshine On Leith", which I recorded at Christmas time and hadn't watched yet. I bloody love anything musical so before I even watched it I knew I would like it and I did. The songs fit really well with the story. Again, probably watched more but I can't remember!

-Random Favourite-

July had been strange in one way because not only have I been meeting new work colleagues, but I have also met up with my old ones. As I mentioned, I have been doing volunteer days at my new job and everyone I have met so far has been so lovely and welcoming. Two of the people I use to work with are retiring, so I went back to celebrate with them. We went for afternoon tea and then a group of us stayed on for cocktails. Being a non drinker, I had a virgin mojito and it was delicious. We have all planned to meet up at the end of August to.

So that is what I am loving at the moment. Let me in on your current favourites by dropping me a comment below or over on twitter @prettyedu88.

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