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My Mobile Phone History

By 12:03 PM

Hello! Sorry again for the gap in posting. It seemed last week was busier than I thought, but I am back this week and hopefully keeping up with some sort of schedule. Today, I have something really fun to share with you. This week, I am off to get a new mobile phone, as I have had my current one for 3 years and whilst it works perfectly well, I'm in the mood for a little upgrade. So, with that in mind, I went searching my house for all my old mobile phones to share with you. I have pretty much all of them apart from 3, 1 of which I know is in my bloody house somewhere but due to it being tiny, I can't seem to locate it! Those where the days.

My first ever phone was a Philips Savvy. I can't remember when I got it, but it had to be early high school, around 2000 maybe. I don't think it cost very much, considering the price of phones today. But having said that, it didn't do a whole lot. I could call and text off it, but seeing the size of that screen, text messages were teeny on it! I remember it having a fortune telling game on it - that was about as exciting as it got. Having said that though, I loved the colour and for a first phone, it did the trick.

The next phone I moved onto was one of my all time favourites and it is the one that I am currently failing to locate and hope it is in my house somewhere. It was a Motorola phone and it was all silver and it was just about the itty bitty cutest little thing you have ever seen. If you had big fingers than this phone was not for you because the keys were tiny! I must have had that phone for a fair while and I think the only reason I actually got a new one was because the keys started to go. If I find it, I will put a picture above I remember when everyone had a motorola phone, but now you don't even really hear from them. OMG I've just found it on ebay and in the picture it is bang smack next to my first phone above, that is spooky! If you look here on ebay, it is the one next to the Philips Savvy - look how tiny it is!

The next phone I had after that was my first ever colour screen phone and it was a Siemens phone. I don't have this one, because I actually gave it away, and from what I remember, it was a cheap and ok phone, but it didn't really do anything for me. I think I sort of bought it in a bit of a whim when my old motorola starting giving up it's life! I don't remember the exact model but it ran along the same sort of design as this one. The fact I can't remember much about it shows how much I liked it!

Now this next phone I absolutely adored and I think I had this for three, four years, something like that, or maybe a bit less. This was the Samsung E330 and this is by far one of the best phones I had. I had an incredible battery (I swear to god it was like 2 weeks or something!), it had a camera and it had a screen on the front as well as inside and it was a bloody flip lid! Again, this phone was so cute and so diddy and I probably still would have been using it now, but the keys started to go on it and it stopped functioning as well. One thing about new phone, you don't get a flip lid and there was just something really special about a flip lid. Never quite mastered the throw open flip though!

The next phone after that was another Samsung. I had quite a few Samsungs one after another and they all did me proud. But quick story - before I got this Samsung, I had for a few days a Motorola Razr flip lid phone and I think is was the V3i. That phone was just about the worst phone I ever had. The battery on it sucked, even compared to an iphone today and that was a good seven years ago, maybe more. When I was used to batteries lasting a week, this thing lasted less than a day - and it didn't even have internet! That might have been pretty but it went back to the shop! So I then got a Samsung J700 and again, it was a fantastic phone. Battery life was superb and to top it all off - it was purple! Again, new phones miss this feature - it was a slide up phone. Whilst the Razr was pretty this was just a better phone and again, I would have still had it, but then I discovered the joy of using internet on your phone and decided it was time to upgrade to a pay monthly phone.

My first ever smart phone was the Samsung Galaxy Mini. This was just about the perfect first smart phone. I could do my social media, check emails - it was a revelation for me. At the time, I had a cap on it of 500MB, which I really don't know how I managed to never use that up. I loved that it had a green border on it too - I'm a bit of a magpie for coloured phone. I had this phone for two years and honestly, whilst it was really great, I had had my heart set on something else. I do remember it taking ages for me to decide on my first smart phone, and I did consider a really cool Blackberry one that slide up, but it was out of my price range. My phone contract always ends around my birthday, so now it is always a lovely treat.

Now to my current phone - the iPhone. Like the world and his mother, I so wanted an iPhone (it's the new Nokia 3310!) and when my contract was up, I went for the iPhone 4s. It was £23 a month and I got all your can eat internet, which was a pretty solid deal if you ask me. I think it wasn't the newest at the time, I think it was either the 5s or the 5c, but in reality, pretty much every iPhone apart from a few features, does the same thing. Touch wood - I never cracked the screen either and I have dropped it! The only thing that bugs me about iPhones is the pre-installed apps that you can't get rid of - why do I need stock info! I really love this phone and I have had it now for 3 years and whilst it still works fine, I am giving myself a treat for my birthday and getting an iPhone SE in Rose Gold. I can't justify the prices of the 6's and as I have an iPad, screen size doesn't really matter to me either. I am buying the phone outright because it is just me or do contracts suck now!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of me phone history and if you have an great retro phones in your past, leave me a comment below or head on over to twitter at prettyedu88 and tell us your secrets! (where are my Nokia 3310 people at - my sister had that one!).

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