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Sally Hansen £1 Shop Find

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(BTW - can you tell I was trying to be fancy with Photoshop on my top image!) Over the years, I think I have gotten really good at £1 shop treasure hunting - sorting through the bad to get to the really good. It really annoys me that half of the time, the polishes look so split, that no matter how much you try and give them a good shake in the middle of the shop - which, tbh, looks kind of wrong - they just don't seem to mix back up. And then there are those dodgy colours that even me as a collector of funny coloured nail polish wouldn't even touch.

When I went into my local Pound World (I always get the names mixed up!) this weekend, I thought I was in for said situation above. There was a lovely lime green that wouldn't go back together (and being honest, I don't need anymore lime greens) and then a few dodgy colours. However, sifting through, I came across this beauty right near the back that I just had to have!

This is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Glam Fest and I think it is perfectly named. It is a clear base, with silver glitter and then chunks of rainbow coloured hexagonal glitter. I really do think I don't have anything else like it in my collection. It is so packed full of colour.

This is never going to be a polish that will ever be opaque, but this would look over every different colour. I can see it matching well with stark white and black, but when I googled it, I also saw it over a navy blue, which looked gorgeous. You definitely have to work with it, because most swipes, you really only get the silver and not the chunks. You could use the sponge method to soak up a lot of the clear base, but how I did it was to wipe most of the polish off the brush on the lip of the bottle, then pick up a blob with the most glitter packed in and I got a good coating.

While you would use this as a top coat, I thought I'd share how I've been wearing it this week. I popped two coats over bare nails and I really love the look of just a pop of glitter and colour, with your natural nails showing through. I've done this in the past with over non opaque glitter and to top it off further, you can get a frosted look by adding a matte top coat. It really makes the glitter pop. Head on over to your nearest Pound World and snap this up if you can find it!

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