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What I Did This Weekend (9th -10th July)

By 11:07 AM

I'm back! Thank you for being patient with me last week! I am hoping this week will be running normally again. So to start off this week of posts, I am doing another of my What I Did This Weekend. I haven't done one since March and I had quite an enjoyable weekend, so I'll just get into sharing it with you.

My Saturday started off with my usual Saturday morning shopping trip for groceries. But the rest of the morning was much more fun, as I did some baking. I have been baking so much from the Primrose Bakery Everyday book. Every recipe has been a hit, especially the Oreo bottom chocolate brownie cakes - and I don't even particularly like Oreos! This weekend I baked the Neapolitan Loaf Cake, which is like the Neapolitan ice cream with a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry mix, that marble together. You can't see the pink one too much in mine because my food colouring wasn't very bake stable. I've had one piece so far and I can't say that I loved it, but I had it sort of half warm from the oven and sometimes it is better to let it cool. I would love to one day go to the Primrose Bakery!

After spending the rest of the afternoon catching up on some TV, I went out on Saturday night for dinner and a trip to the cinema. Like the good blogger I am, I didn't take a picture of my dinner. I went with my sister to an Italian restaurant, which was conveniently located about 30 seconds from the movie, but it also really yummy. We had an hour and 15 minutes before the film, but managed to squeeze in three courses. We shared from Garlic Bread for starters, then for main I had something new as they didn't do my favourite pizza any more (the quattro formaggi - 4 cheese). So instead of going for another pizza, I went for pasta and had Pasta Santa Christina, which was a creamy based pastas with chicken and bacon - it was delicious. For dessert, I went for a good one slice of New York Vanilla Cheesecake. We rushed over to the theatre where the movie was showing as it started bang on without any trailers. I love going to our local theatre to see films, because a - they have some that our big cinema doesn't and b - it is so much cheaper! I went to see what I hope isn't the last Studio Ghibli movie "When Marnie Was There" and it was just as beautiful as all the others!

When I got back I tried on the new shoes which I ordered from Forever 21. I missed the parcel on Friday and apparently the most convenient place to collect it from was a Bargain Booze 40 minute walk from my house! Luckily, my Dad kindly picked it up for me. These shoes have been on the site for ages and I have a pair very similar which I got from New Look ages ago, which are slowly and surely making their way to shoes heaven. I didn't think the quality would be anything good as they were £13.99 but surprisingly they are actually really good. I'm not sure how I'll wear them yet because you can make them longer or shorter, so I'll have a bit of trail and error to do.

Sunday started off with a trip to town. Now, I would like to say whenever I go to town I always come back with loads of goodies, but realistically, most of the time it is coming back with supplies. I am ridiculously low on Micellar water, so I just picked up whichever one I could get. I usually go for Garnier, but they were out. I got some Micellar wipes to and whilst I know wipes are frowned upon, they wouldn't sell them if we didn't all use them and being Micellar ones, I thought they would be a little better. These are for my I just can't be bothered days and if I ever want to wipe make-up off my hands. I also got a new toothbrush and naturally went for the purple one.

My afternoon was fully planned out ready to watch the Wimbledon final! I am so happy that Andy Murray won another one but I think if he had been up against Federer or Djokovic, it might have been a bit more exciting and a bit more edge of your seat. He still deserved the win though because he played really well. Whilst I was watching it, I got on with finishing some knitted superheroes. These are for a friend of my sister but to be honest, I just love making them, because I don't follow a pattern as such, I just make it up as I go along. This is my Captain America, complete with shield, which being knitted, would be less than useless in battle.

After a yummy Sunday dinner with Ham, I had to actually find something to watch because apparently the Euro final needed to be on two channels at the same time! I can't stand football, so this past month has been a nightmare for me. After a couple of episodes of Miranda to cheer me up, I switched to a movie and watched Ant-Man. I think it is one of the more underrated Marvel movies, because it is actually really good and the shrinking effects are amazing. Speaking of movies - I am hopefully going to go and see the new Ghostbusters movie this week. I know there has been a lot of talk because it is 4 women and because everyone really loves the original, but they way I see it, it is not a remake or a continuation of the original. It is using the ides and stories and putting a new twist on it - it is a movie in it's own right. I'm glad the first couple of reviews I have read have been positive.

So that was my weekend! I hope you had a good one too, so share with me anything that you got up to in the comments or over on twitter.

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