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Wimbledon Nail Art

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I have been a big fan of Tennis ever since I was a teenager, so every year when Wimbledon comes around, I get extra excited. Whilst I have watched the French, Australian and US Open in the past, my two favourite are Queens and Wimbledon, which follow one after the other. I won't lie - it's probably because they are part of British culture. Whilst I don't watch it as fully as I use to, I do still enjoy it, but I miss my favourite tennis players that I grew up watching such as Andy Roddick and Leighton Hewitt. But I am taking it upon myself to pick up some new ones to add to my favourites. Of course, I put my support behind Andy Murray, but has been great this year watching some of our other British players smashing it too. I'm looking forward to the Federer and Evans match this afternoon.

I would hopefully one year like to make it to Wimbledon but for now I have to do with watching it on my TV. To be fair though, there is something to be said for watching it on a comfy sofa in your PJ's - don't quite think they would let me do that at the actual event. I have fond memories of Wimbledon's past, including watching Roger Federer winning his first Wimbledon (1 of 7 he has won!), Andy Murray winning his first Wimbledon and the most famous match within the near past history, the incredible 2010 game between Isner and Mahut that last for 11 hours and 5 minutes, with the final set being 70 - 68 due to no tie breaks. I remember watching a lot of that! So I decided to break out the nail varnish and do some really super simple Wimbledon themed nail art, that whilst looks really good, is so easy. Because seriously, who doesn't loved themed nails!

To create this look you will need:
- Nail Polish Base and Top Coat
- Tape (any sort of nail art tape or whatever tape you have)
- Tennis Ball coloured Nail Polish - a lime green/yellow tone - I used OPI "Did It On Em!"
- Deep Purple Nail Polish - I used Sally Hansen "Plum Luck"
- White Nail Polish - I used Sally Hansen "Ivory Skull"
- Grass coloured Nail Polish - I used Sally Hansen "Grass Slipper"
- A fan brush - This is key to the look and I got mine in a nail art set. You get these with make-up brush sets too, but I would advise a separate one for face and nails.

#1 - Start by protecting the edges of your nails from the mess, by lining them with tape and paint on a coat of base coat.

#2 - Next, paint on a coat of your chosen purple nail polish. Don't worry if it is not completely opaque in one coat, as this is just our base colour. Leave it to dry completely.

#3 - On a little square of plastic or paper, put a drop of your grass coloured nail polish. Dip your fan brush very lightly in polish so that it just about coats the bristles of the brush.

#4 - Very lightly brush the fan from one edge of the nail to the other creating streaks. Try to be as light as possible as too heavy and you just end up with thick blobs. Repeat with your other colours, layering up and repeating till you get the desired look. You can go back in with the purple base if it gets to washed out.

And that's it. What I like about this look is no matter how messy it get, it still looks so good. If you get really good at this technique and take time, you can get more precise lines, but I like the messy look! Let it dry completely before adding a good coat of top coat to seal it in. Make sure it is fully dry otherwise the top coat can mess up the look in the wrong way.

You can repeat this step on all your nails, or what I did was do it solely on the thumb nail and then paint each other nail with one of the colours for a multi coloured effect. If you recreate this look then I'd love to see it by either sharing a piccie in the comments below or over on twitter @prettyedu88.

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