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5 TV Show I Can't Wait To Return

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I love TV - there is no doubt about it. Having said that though, there hasn't been a whole lot of excitement on TV because there seems to be nothing on. We are in that summer lull where programmes have finished and we have to wait for them to return. Unlike the rest of the world's summers, the UK summer can't rely on sun, so more often than not, we do get stuck in watching TV. But fear not - it isn't that long till September (it's 10 days till my birthday - that is crazy!) and shows are slowly and surely coming back. So in today's post, here is my list of 5 shows I can't wait to come back. I use the term 5 loosely as you will soon see, but 5 and a bit didn't seem to make for a great title.

#1 - Strictly Come Dancing
Returning - September 2016 / BBC1

I am a serious Strictly fan (might have mentioned that a few times on the blog before!) and I have been an avid viewer since day 1. Every year I get excited for it to return and every year for the past couple of years, I have applied for tickets and sadly not got any. I'd especially love to go to the Blackpool show, because I am a Northern and don't live far from there, but also I can imagine the atmosphere being fantastic. Only today we have found out who the first celebrity is and it is Ed Balls, who is you don't know, was an MP in parliament, so I'm not sure how that classifies him as a celebrity. I always love the build up and whilst last year I wasn't overally excited about the line up, considering previous ones, it turned out really well. I've heard rumours for this year and some I would love to come true, but I also like surprise of ones that just come out of nowhere. We have a Strictly sweepstake in our house and considering I run it, I think I've won it once! I failed miserably last year so I might have to fix it this year!

#2 - Great British Bake Off
Returning - Wednesday August 24th / BBC1

Considering how much I love baking, I didn't actually watch Bake Off until a couple of years back, but now I am hooked. I actually applied for this years show, but didn't get in, so there will be a tinge of jealousy whilst watching it this year. There is something quite soothing about watching people bake, even when it does go a bit manic but never watch it on an empty stomach because it is just about the most delicious show ever. I am going to apply again for the next series, so I hope I get in! I especially like the last round on each show where they do the Showstopper Challenge, where you get to throw as much creativity as you can at it. I love how people get so into the show as well - it even made the front page of newspapers once for "Bingate". This is going to be a great day all round because, coincidentally, this is also when my city gets it's first Primark!

#3 - Nashville
Returning - Thursday August 25th / Sky Living

I was pretty annoyed when I heard that Nashville had got cancelled in the US, because I absolutely love it, so thank god it has been saved by another network. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I do love a bit of Country music - I use to watch the CMA's when they use to broadcast them on the BBC when I was younger. I love the fact that as well as a really great show, full of lots of great characters, we also get so many great songs. I have a couple of the soundtracks because the quality of the music for the show it so good. I know some of the storylines have ventured into being a bit soapy sometimes, but as I said, I think they more than make up for it with the characters. I especially like Hayden Panettiere character, Juliet. Nashville is now on it's third home in the UK having gone from More 4, to E4 and now to Sky Living, which thankfully having NowTV, I get! If you haven't seen the show, you can catch up the first three seasons which I believe are on Sky Boxsets and are for definite on NowTV. I dare you not to sing!

#4 - The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl
Returning - Autumn 2016 / Sky 1

This is where that top 5 rule kinda goes out of the window, but I have clumped all these together because they all fit together. I first starting watching DC TV shows when my sister gave me the Arrow Season 1 boxset to watch and I was hooked. I had to wait over a year to see Season 2 on DVD because I didn't have access to it at the time. So ladies and gentlemen, the whole reason I got NowTV was to watch Arrow! But it has more than had it's advantages, because I've got to watch other shows, as well as other DC shows. I bloody love The Flash as well, and no matter who is playing him in the DC movies (let's not get me started on that thread), Grant Gustin will always be my Flash. I'm particularly excited for this to return because of the new storyline (won't spoilt it but google Flashpoint) and because Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is going to be in it. I really enjoyed the first season of Legends of Tomorrow and after it got going, it got really good. I think the time travelling element opens up to so many different settings and thank god two character in particular will not be in season 2 (again, won't spoil but think birds!). This show also has a great storyline lined up for it's new season. Finally, I did enjoy the firs season of Supergirl, despite all the cheese, but I'm hoping for more from the 2nd season, including the introduction of a certain relative who shall remain unnamed in case of spoilers (think S!).

#5 - Poldark
Returning - Sunday September 4th / BBC1

My life at the moment is currently lacking what I would labelled a good, Sunday night, period drama. So when I heard Poldark was coming back, it was a big light bulb moment. I remember watching so many good Sunday night dramas growing up, but they just don't seem to have them anymore and there ain't no returning for Downton Abbey. If you missed this show first time round, it follows the main character of Poldark played by the lovely Aiden Turner, who returns from war to his home of Cornwall, to find things have changed significantly. A lot of the plot revolves around the tin mines, his old love Elizabeth and his kitchen maid, the fantastically named Demelza. It might not sound like much, but if you love brooding, period drama set with moor like surroundings, check this out.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into the kind of things I like to watch and maybe I've given you some inspiration of shows to pick up or catch up on. If you have any you can't wait to return, then leave me them in the comments or over on twitter @prettyedu88.

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