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Baking Pop-Tarts with Tanya Bakes

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This morning I dedicated time to having a little fun in the kitchen - hence the latestness of today's post. When I was in my local library the other day, I picked up a copy of Tanya Burr's latest book, Tanya Bakes.

I love baking and whilst I am a fan of Tanya's, when the book came out, I didn't really feel the need to buy yet another baking book, because I already have a pretty big collection of baking books as it is. However, always one to find new recipes, getting it in my local library seemed a great idea. I really love going to the library and I always go in with the idea of just grabbing a couple of books and I end up coming out with a whole months worth.

My first impression of the book, is that the pictures and photography are really stunning. One thing that annoys me about some cook/baking books, is that they don't have a picture to go with every recipe, but this one does. They make each of the bakes look really delicious and it just makes you want to make everything.

I know there has been a little criticism off the book on Amazon, particularly because there were some errors in the recipes and because some recipes come from other cooks. I personally can't say anything about the errors, because having looked at my copy and the corrections online, they seem to be the same, but I haven't digged in deep. However, that being said, I have read many of books with errors in the text and let's face it - the world isn't perfect. The corrections are all online. As for the recipes, there are only 3 that are taken from other cooks and whilst some come from family and friends, I actually like that, as I love sharing recipes I find. Having looked through the recipes, they are not over complicated or require a lot of hard to find ingredients and truly, they all look bloody delicious. The one thing I don't like about some books is that they contain a lot of recipes I wouldn't make, but I could see myself baking a lot of these. There are some recipes like Victoria Sponge, that may not be the most original, but they are classic. Most cook books aren't overally original with recipes anyway, you'll always find you have a few repeats. As for comments on Tanya's level of baking on her youtube channel, she even says in the book that things do not always go right when she does them, but these recipes are not meant to be master baker skill level, they are meant to be something everyone can make.

My first recipe I made from the book was the Pop-Tarts recipe. Here is something I am going to admit - I don't think I have ever had a pop tart in my life. I chose this because not only did it look find, but it didn't make a big batch.

The recipe was simple to follow. It does state that it should make 6 - I got 5 but I might have been a bit generous with my pastry thickness. I also think that the ratio of jam to pop-tart is a bit much, but I always find that with any kind of filling or icing - there is always some left.

These came out looking really nice (apart from the fact I forgot to brush each tart with egg before baking, so they didn't come out fully golden!). I got a bit over excited with my icing as well, hence the drips, but I tell you what - I can't wait to dig in once the icing sets.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at making pop-tarts. As from the book, I think I might even purchase it. If you are looking for a simple to follow baking book, with simple but very delicious recipes, then I would give this a go!

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