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Current Favourites For August

By 11:23 AM

Hello from a miserable August morning! I think that I can officially declare today that the UK has left Summer behind. It is so dark at 10:30 am that I am contemplating putting a light on somewhere - it's that bad. Today I have my current favourites to chat to you about, so no more waffling - here they are!

- Favourite Beauty Product -

This section could actually be classified as an empties, because I have finally finished a perfume, but I am very sad that I have. I got the Lady Gaga Fame perfume back in 2012 (I actually just checked that one my blog and can't believe it has been that long), and this month, it finally squirted it's last squirt. I really adored this scent - I'm not the kind of person who has a stigma against celebrity names on perfume. The bottle was just a beautiful shape too. I can't describe the smell - I would say it is somewhere between a musk and a fruit - vibrant is what I described it as in my original post. I still have the drawer packaging it came in to. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat, but as I am currently banning the purchase of any more perfume till I use up the ones I have, hence why this is empty, it will have to wait.

- Favourite Food -

I don't have a picture of this to show you because let's face it - sweets don't last very long where I am concerned, but this month I had my first Yorkshire Mix. There is a farm shop not far from where I live and they do amazing bags of pick and mix type sweets, for only £1. The Yorkshire Mix took my fancy and in it you get a mixture of hard sweets. In mine I had striped fruits sweets, ones that looked like fruit rocks, fish sweets and pear drops, which I detest, but luckily there was only three. I spent most of my time trying to get what flavour the fruit ones where and I'm still not sure, as fruit taste didn't match colour on some, but they were delicious.

- Favourite Songs -

Following my Britney post, I cannot stop listening to her old songs. My two alltime favourites have to be "Stronger" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy". However, I have picked up one new song this month and that is the song "Freak Of Nature" by Broods ft Tove Lo. When you hear this song for my UK readers, you will recognise it instantly, because it is the song that ITV have been using on the trailers for their new drama "Victoria", which starts very soon. I tried for ages to find out what this song was and couldn't find an answer, then luckily, someone on YouTube put the answer in the comments on one of the trailers. I have listened to the rest of the album that this comes off and I really enjoyed it, so go give it a listen.

- Favourite TV/Films -

Again, it has been slim pickings on the TV front, but now that the Olympics is done, everything is coming back, so this week I have the joys of "The Great British Bake Off" (except they didn't choose me!) and "Nashville" which I have been waiting ages from! I mentioned last month that I wanted to watch "House Of Cards". I started watching the first episode and found it a bit weird, so I have left it for now, and might try again later. Just this weekend, I actually blitz a boxset on 4OD which was "Heartless". I have been wanting to watch this for a while but as it was rated 18, I thought I might not like it. However, it is very tame if you ask me, I think 18 is a bit of a high rating, especially in comparison to something like Game of Thrones, which I am too terrified to watch! It is described as being like Twilight, which in fact is wrong because it doesn't even have vampires in it. It is a Danish drama, so it has that darker colour tone and is really gripping and brooding. I really enjoyed it and sadly there are just the 8 episodes, so as a mini series, it was so good, but I would have loved it to be expanded. It does have subtitles, which I don't mind, but you have to bloody concentrate, because you look away for one second and you miss part of the story. I would highly recommend you to watch it.

Film wise, it has been a slow month too, considering it should be summer blockbuster time. I only went to see one film at the cinema, which was "Star Trek Beyond", as I love the first too in the franchise and it didn't disappoint. I decided not to go and see "Suicide Squad", after the reviews were a bit mixed. This isn't me being a film snob, but rather saving money, as it's bloody expensive to go to the cinema and I decided just to use that money to get the DVD when it comes out instead. I burnt myself on X-Men Apocalypse and wasn't about to do it again! I really enjoyed two films I got for my birthday (not that I didn't enjoy the others - I haven't watched them yet!). I first watched "Spy" which was really funny, then I watched the documentary "The Kingdom Of Dreams and Madness", which a BTS look at the making of Studio Ghibli movies, and it was really enjoyable finding out about the process. This weekend, I got all nostalgic and watched the first two Bridget Jones movies in prep for the third. They never disappoint and they have to be the best example of British romantic comedies / drama.

- Random Favourite -

Again, it has to be a bit of nostalgia! This month, I watched an old TV series that I use to watch all the time, and haven't seen in ages and it was just as funny this time, as it was the first. I think sometimes when you revisit some shows, they loose a little bit of their sparkle, but sometimes when they are just as good, it only confirms that they have to be ticked off as a classic show! I also did my first depoting of some eyeshadows this month and I rediscovered some old favourites and only managed to mangle one in the process but they are currently sat in a box while I get a magnetic palette to stick them in!

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