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First Impressions - Collection Face The Day Palette

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As I am starting my new job this September, I have been looking for Multi-Purpose Palettes - palettes that don't just stick to one area of the face. I have eyeshadow palettes a plenty, and blush ones, but not a whole lot of joint ones. The only real one I do own is my Tanya Burr Candy Glam palette and as that was a Christmas only one, I only use it for special occasions (Yes, I am that sad!). So when I was having a mosey in Boots the other day, an advantage card with points to spend, I happened upon this little thing in the Collection stand.

I remember when the Face The Day palette was released and somewhere along the line, forgot about it, but it is a perfect solution.

In the palette you get four good size eyeshadows, a blush, a highlight and a bronze shade.

Let's talk about the eyeshadows first. I don't think they have played it to safe with their choices, which I really like. You get pale white and gold shimmer shades, but then along side them, you get cool toned golden brown and what is almost a brown/pewter shade. I like how they have placed the shades so they have crease shade alongside the light shade. I know some people don't like shimmer shades in the crease but I don't feel the shimmer is too intense in the darker shades. But there is a solution for that. They are nicely pigmented, though the darker shades did need a little more building up, but they are super smooth and easily blendable.

Now the face shades - the blush is so pigmented it is insane. I tried this out on my face last week and let's just say I don't have the lightest touch. You really don't need a lot of this! It's a really pretty coral pink shade that has a nice glow to it, which for someone who tends towards blush with a shine, this is right up my street. The highlight is a beautiful white gold shade, which I feel suits everyone and gives off a nice glow, without being super super strobey (is that even a word!). It is a perfect everyday highlight just for that little pop of wow.

As for the bronze shade, this is the only place I feel this palette is a let down. This is a very warm toned bronzer that does lean into the orange tone, which is not what you really want for a bronzer. To be far, the instructions on the back of the palette suggest this is more of a blush, as it says to apply to the apples of the cheeks. However, where I think this would work is as a matte crease shade for eyeshadow, because it is so warm. And as I work with children, lets just say I don't think they would care about my contour!

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this little palette. For £3.99, it is a steal and whilst you would probably need a separate bronzer, for a simple, everyday look, this is a thumbs up for me.

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