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First Impressions - Poundland Make-Up Blending Sponge

By 11:03 AM ,

Whenever I get anything in pound shops that isn't branded with a well known brand, there is always a little trepidation as to weather it is going to be any good (case in point - their garlic press was crap!). So when you get something and it turns out to be really good, that's always a nice surprise.

So today I am bringing you my first impressions of the Poundland Make Up Gallery Cheek To Cheek Blending Sponge. I have only ever used two different blending sponges. The first was a Model's Own one and the next was the Real Techniques one - which I finally bought a new one of! I noticed this while I was picking up some basic make-up sponges for nail art and thought I'd give it a whirl.

My initial first impression of this sponge without using it, was that it has a really good shape, with a smoother side and a triangle side. What I really like about the Real Technique sponge is the smooth side because I feel it works better for coverage than something rounded. What I also really liked was the colour - because it is the same colour as my shade of foundation. I don't know if they have sponges to match other foundation tones though.

However, my other initial first impression was that this thing was dense. Now I know most people like me wet their sponges and that adds some elasticity, but in comparison to the Real Technique sponge, that one is so much lighter and squishier without water. But still, I hadn't actually tried it yet, so I was willing to be disproved.

I ran this under water and squeezed it like I would with any sponger. I applied two pumps of Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation to the back of my hand and began. However, I quickly noticed that not only did the sponge suck up most of the foundation, but this thing was brutal to bounce on the face. It didn't have any of the softness that the Real Techniques sponge has and that foundation on my hand went quickly. I applied another pump but it didn't really make much difference.

As you can see from the wipe I used, this does not look like 3 pumps of foundation - it barely looks like one!

Overall, I am very disappointed with this, but should I have really expected anything more? I have left this soaking in the sink to see if it softens anymore, but if not, it's going to nail art!

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