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Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Review

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Until Monday, I had never tried a sheet mask before. I've tried clay masks and those weird peel off masks that you keep finding days after you've used, but never a sheet mask. While in Superdrug, I pick up one of the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks and couldn't wait to give it a go.

What does it claim?

It says that 1 mask = 1 week of hydrating serum. In the 15 minutes you have the mask on, it should intensely rehydrate, smooth skin and give you a radiant complexion. In 1 week, it claims to reduced the appearance of fine lines, skin looks plumper and radiance is revitalised. I like the idea that a mask can keep working long after you've used it.


While the mask is pretty self explanatory to put on, it is a little fiddly. It took me a few to realise how to unfold it and then once you have placed it on your face, you have to remove the blue outer layer. Now for one, the blue layer is not as bright as it appears on the packet, so I wondered if I put it on right at first. Then when you peel it off, its kind of tricky to pull off and moves it around. However, once it is on, it doesn't budge, which is really good considering how wet the mask is. It fits really well to the face and sticks to all the contours of your face. It doesn't gape. I'd like to point out that I am not stupid and yet was slightly outsmarted by a mask!

15 minutes

You leave the mask on for 15 minutes. While I say it didn't budge, I was laid down, but really, is there any better way to do a mask than being led down. I timed it exactly for 15 minutes and during that time, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. It did tingle, but it wasn't a stinging tingle, it felt more like the tingle you get from something really cool like ice. It did also feel like the mask itself was drying, which I'm taking to mean that my skin was soaking up all the moisture goodness. It was certainly one of the most comfortable masks to wear.


Looking at my skin now, I do feel it has had an effect on my skin - good and bad. Once place I feel it has worked really well is my forehead, which can really be quite uneven in skin texture. It looks and feels smoother, whereas it can be quite red and bumpy (I think that is because I have a fringe and tend to forget I have a forehead!). As for the rest of my face, it does feel nice and radiant and just has a nice overall look.

Now I did say there was a bad. Since Monday, I have noticed some red bumps have appeared on my neck and on my right cheek where the mask was. However, I can't actually say for certain this is because of the mask. On Sunday, I did use a clay mask, which I have had this kind of reaction to before and yesterday, I was sat in a garden full of bees and flies for a while, so that could explain it to. But the tissue mask is the only new product I have used this week.


Overall, I was really impressed by the mask. I like the whole process and the overall look of my skin after use. Even at the RRP of £1.49, it is still a lot cheaper than most sheet masks I have seen and I would repurchase and use again, if it turns out the bumps were not from the mask. I think it is the perfect first in for those who haven't used a sheet mask before.

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