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It's Britney - My 10 Favourite Songs

By 1:34 PM

With all the recent news about Britney Spears new album coming out later this month, as well as the release of her new single, I got to reminiscing. As a teenager, I grew up listening to Britney's music and have quite a good memory of Britney's first ever UK performance which, correct me if I'm wrong, was on one of the lottery shows on the BBC. While I can't say that I've been into the new Britney music much, I am totally a fan of all her classic songs. So in today's post, I am sharing with you my 10 Favourite Britney tracks, which was surprisingly really hard to narrow down, as she had so many tunes. If your interested in listening to any of the tracks I chose, I have linked to the video's on Britney's YouTube that had music videos (all but two were singles), but her full back catalogue (as far as I know!), is on Spotify. I'd love to know your choices, as I have left off some of the more classic singles, so leave me your favourites in the comments.


Stronger is one of my all time favourite Britney tracks because it is such a girl power power anthem and I love the way it just builds up. I remember really loving the video for this song as well, wishing I could spin on a chair the way Britney did. This video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who you might know as the director of most of Taylor Swift's recent videos, but he is also the director behind one of my all time fav music videos, which is the video for the Backstreet Boys "Everbody". I also love Artie's cover of this in Glee!


I think that Everytime is such a beautifully written song and I loved it long before it was released as a single. The backing music isn't overally processed, just a lovely little piano tune. I know a lot was made about the video at the time, but it does fit with the style of the song and it is a very different kind of Britney tune. I remember seeing Britney playing this on the piano somewhere and she was really good.

(You Drive Me) Crazy

Whilst everyone will always remember Britney for her first track, Baby One More Time, my favourite of her early songs is (You Drive Me) Crazy. It just a song that you cannot help but sing along to and I really like the chorus. This is from that movie Drive Me Crazy, which I only just saw on Netflix not long ago and if you remember, the stars of the movie are in the video.


I can't say I have been into a lot of Britney's more recent music, but one song I did like was Circus. I like the lyrics of this and the video that goes with it and how it fully embraced what we know as a Circus.


I don't know if a lot of people know this song (apart from the die hard Britney fan obviously!), because this was a bonus on some versions of the Circus album. Again, this is such a different Britney track and I love the way the melody bounces along.

Break the Ice

Break the Ice was taken from Blackout, which was Britney's next album of original tracks after In The Zone, my fav Britney album. This one really sticks in my head because of the video, which was an animated video - I really liked how it fit with the song.

I Love Rock'n'Roll

I know probably die hard fans of the original version of this song would maybe not like a pop remix, but I totally loved this song. Why I really remember loving this song was because this was when freeview first came to the UK and what is now 4Music was called The Hits and they played this on a loop.

My Prerogative

This came from Britney's first Greatest Hits album. Again, I just love the song, I don't really have a reason why!

(I've Just Begun) Having My Fun

I first heard this song on Britney's Greatest Hits and it was one of two new song with Do Somethin', that one being released as a single. I preferred this one.


As with previous Britney songs, I love the story telling in this and remember the video vividly. This came out around my birthday and I remember getting the single as a present.

This was so hard to whittle down and I must admit there are a couple of singles and album tracks that I could have easily added (special mention to the whole In The Zone album and the songs Boys and I'm a Slave 4 U). Now here is a little bit of homework - go listen to your fav Britney tracks!!! (You're welcome! I'm currently chair dancing while writing this - sadly not like Britney in the Stronger video)

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