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My Current Wishlist

By 11:11 AM

With the TV schedule having been dire the past couple of weeks and being currently on break till I go back to work in September, I have found myself doing a lot of online based window shopping. I think having an iPad is one of the most lethal things when it comes to online shopping, because it's so easy to just pop up a website and next thing you know, it's 2 hours later and your reading list is full of links to things you might want to purchase. Window shopping is a lot less lethal than actual shopping, but once you get something in your head and imagine yourself with it, it is very hard to pull yourself away from the dream. So in today's post, I am sharing with you the item that are currently on my wishlist, in the hope my dreams come true!

#1 // Camo Print Jeans

I have been a fan of Khaki coloured trousers, long before they became the current trend, so I have been wanting a camo pair for ages and finally, fashion seems to have caught up with that because they are now popping up in loads of places! The only problem I've been having, is trying to find a pair that are long enough. I usually go for the 34 if I have to but I think I am probably a 35, so I usually go for the long length, but finding that is so hard - why do shops only do one leg length! Surely in this day and age we should be celebrating all different sizes, but no! I really like these ones from New Look, as the pattern is not to in your face, but again - only one leg length. It's only just started to pop up on trousers, so I'm might yet find some, but if you do see ones in different leg lengths, let me know asap! I also saw a camo print jean but in blue tones, which was really subtle and cool.

#2 // Nica Handbag

One thing I love about bags is it doesn't matter what shape or size you are - you can always rock a cool handbag! Whilst I would love to be one of these people who seems to have a new designer handbag every week, I can't at the moment justify spending a ton on an expensive handbag. I definitely admire them and would love to own one one day, when it would be a special treat and would never be over the thousands (I think that is just a little ridiculous if you ask me). I've always had my eye on a Alexander Wang bag, but for now, high street is my bag (terrible pun). In buying a new bag, I usually look for one that will last me a good year, something I don't mind getting a little bashed if it happens, but something that after that year isn't falling apart. I have had many Nica bags over the years and they are always my go to brand. I especially love the new Nica x Seoul collection and am lusting after one of the Black Dotty prints, particularly the Nabi Weekender, but I also like the Blue Haze shade. I think this will be my treat with my first paycheck. FYI, my theory with bags is this - go big or go home!

#3 // MAC Blush

I only own 4 pieces of MAC make-up because I don't usually spend a lot on make-up. But I am thinking once I go back to work, rather than splurging on make-up, it might be good to invest in a couple more expensive pieces every so often. One thing I have wanted for a while is the MAC Blush Margin, which is a shimmery peach toned blush, because it reminds me so much of my original Natural Collection Peach Melba. I also really like one of the Cremeblend blushes in Brit Wit, because it looks like a nude toned lipstick in blush form. I also have my eye on one of the eyeshadows in the Star Trek collection which is released next month.

Those are the current items on my wishlist! Let me know what you currently have on yours by posting in the comments, or tweeting me @prettyedu88.

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