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Realistic Town Haul

By 11:05 AM ,

While it would seem on most blogs and youtube videos, that whenever people go to the shops, they always come back with a bag full of stunning treats and goodies. In reality, most of the time when I go to the shops, I come back with nothing or just a few little bits that are not all that bright and sparkly. So in today's post, I am going to show you a realistic town haul, from when I went out on Tuesday. While I call it town, I actually live in a city, but everyone just seems to call it going to town - is that a northern thing? I actually went up with the purpose of getting something nice for tea, which I did, but I also got myself a few treats. Everything in this post comes from Poundworld, because it was right next door to Marks & Spencer's, where I was getting my tea from so everything was a £1 each.

The thing I got was a new screen protector for my phone. I don't know what has happened, considering only just the other week I managed to perfectly apply a screen protector to my iPad, but I seem to have lost all ability to put on a screen protector. I got one last week when I got my new phone and that failed miserably. So then I had to use an iPhone 4s one just to fill in, which was two small anyway. Then when my new phone case finally arrived (they sent it to the city next to mine, despite my correct address being on the envelope!), I got one with that, but I've might a right shoddy mess of that one to. So all in all, I am rubbish at it now. Whilst this pack say it has two in, one is actually for the back of the phone, which is pretty pointless because I have a case on it.

The next thing I got was some Butterkist microwave sweet popcorn. If you read my last What I Did This Weekend post (if not, then proceed to do so before reading the rest of this!), I had a bad experience with some awful tasting popcorn. So I was in the mood for picking up some more. I think this makes a great snack because it isn't that unhealthy, only sugar wise really but even then it is not really that sweet and it's just great to keep in the cupboard for if I fancy a bowl with a movie, which I did on Tuesday as a treat once I had all my jobs done.

This next one is the complete opposite because it is incredibly unhealthy and I truly don't care and as you can see from the picture, it didn't last being kept closed before I took my snaps. And being honest, it doesn't exist anymore because they are all gone. I was watching a trying American candy video on youtube the other day and both the people trying it hated Butterfingers. I absolutely adore Butterfingers because it is that mix of my two favourites - chocolate and peanut butter. I can't say they are nicer than Reese's Buttercups, but they are right up there. These are terrible for you, but it was a once off treat.

Finally, I fulfilled another of my favourite American sweet loves, which is Nerds. I remember eating Nerds all the time when I was a kid, but then they disappeared (as did Jolly Ranchers). I would hazard a guess that it was due to the UK law on ingredients in sweets, but they made a come back and that it fine by me! I really love they way they tingle in your mouth and the slightly sour taste. I haven't actually cracked into these yet, as I think I have had my dose of sugary treats for this week, so I might save them for my birthday in a week or so.

And that was my little haul. I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll be back later this week with more (I think I might do a what's on my iPhone post, so let me know if that is something you would like to see.)

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