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Shopping Haul - Primark, Books and Masks

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Over the past couple of days I've done a cheeky little bit of shopping. I haven't really spent a lot of money this month and when our new Primark store opened, I decided to pick myself up a few treats. I didn't go on the first day, which I think was a great idea, because it looked rammed. First impressions are that it is an OK store, but I would have liked a bigger home section and it is yet again another shop that really doesn't do different leg lengths. However, I did pick up a nice few things.

The first thing I got was this lovely blanket, which made a little guest appearance in my last post. It is just about the softest blanket in the whole world and it is huge, so you can really snuggle into it. They had them on offer for £7.90, which is an absolute bargain for a good quality, soft blanket. Plus points as well - it is so warm.

The next thing I picked up was this Ghostbusters top. This is actually a PJ top, but I think you could get away with wearing it as an everyday top, as I don't think it particularly screams pajamas. I'm quite a Ghostbusters fan and even though some people like to lambaste it, I actually liked the new, recent one too. I just really liked the graphic on this and it was £7. I didn't even attempt to get the bottoms, cause most Primark bottoms look way cropped on me.

I'm starting back work on Monday, so I wanted to pick up a new pair of boots. I don't like to spend a lot on shoes for work and just wanted something simple, that was comfortable and had no real heal on them, plus a good grip as there is nothing worse than slidy shoes (says the girl who wore Toms in the rain - not good!). These just do the trick, nothing spectacular, just a nice pair of black, plain boots. And for £12, you can't go wrong.

Lastly in Primark, I picked up some trainer socks, as mine seem to be disappearing to somewhere that I don't know exists! I have quite a few plain white pairs, so I opted for these as they had a lovely glittery heal and toe and you get 7 pairs for £3. I also picked up a nail polish remover and this is really cool, because it has one of those push down pumps on, which means you don't have to worry about spilling it or using too much. You can easily refill this too, because the lid twists off. I've used it a couple times now and it works so well and for £1, it is a bargain.

Next up in Superdrug, I picked up a sheet mask. I remember trying a sheet mask years ago and it was so weird, but as they seem to be coming back into trend, I wanted to try one. This is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask and it was on offer at 99p, which is the cheapest I've seen a sheet mask and the first real one I've seen on the highstreet. I'm going to post a more in depth post on this later in the week, so stay tuned for that.

Finally, on a Saturday in town there is this really amazing second hand book, dvd and CD stall. I have spent my fair share of money on books there, but at £1 each and having really recent titles, you can't go wrong. I picked up 4 books. The first was purely based on the cover and it is "The Miniaturist" by Jessie Burton, which I just read online this morning is being turned into a TV show. I tend to stick to YA and Rom Com style books, as you'll soon see, so I wanted to try something a bit different and I watch a lot of dramas set in the past, so I'm going to give this a go. The next two books are by authors I have read before. I loved Lindsey Kelk's "The Single Girls To Do List", so "What a Girl Wants" is right up my street. I'm guessing it follows every other kind of chick lit, so I'll love it. The next book is by Lucy Diamond, who I'm pretty sure I have either read or have another one of her books. This is "One Night In Italy" and is one of those chick lit books with interconnecting stories. Finally, I picked up JoJo Moyes "Me Before You" and this shows how recent the books are, because it has the film cover on it. I never got to see the film, so at least now I can read it before watching it.

And that is my little haul. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you have been up to this bank holiday weekend in the comments below.

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