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What I Did This Weekend (30th-31st July)

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My Saturday started off the same as every other Saturday with a trip to ASDA. This time though, I had a parcel to pick up as I got myself some new trousers for going back to work in September. Working with children, especially younger children whose method of wanting attention is to prod and tap you, I don't get expensive work trousers because they are likely to get glue, paint and all manner of sticky goodness on them. So I really didn't expect the world with £6 trousers. I'm really fussy with work trousers because I can't stand those really scratchy ones and I had some great ones from South on Very.Com, but they are looking a little sad and they don't stock them anymore. So I had felt them in store (sounds wrong!), to see if they passed the test and they did, but I ordered online because I needed the longer length. I am the same size in trousers in every shop, but these were terrible. They were so tight on the thighs, but loose everywhere else. They didn't have much give, which working with little ones, you don't sit down a lot. And to make it worse, underwear would be very visible as they were so thin. Thumbs down! If you have any good, comfy, soft work trousers, let me know where you get them from.

When I got back, I had a bit of a headache, so I sat down till lunchtime and just had a relax painting my nails. As I was going to see the new Star Trek movie (more later), is decided to do a some what galaxy nail, picking colours from the poster. I loved the finished look and it was so easy to achieve and it didn't require any kind of preciseness. I used quite a lot of polishes to create the look. From left to right I used: Sally Hansen Uptempo Purple (a long time fave!), Mavala Orion (appropriately space named), Sally Hansen In A Flash, Models Own Indian Ocean and Tropical Sun and Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud. This was the next day so apologies for the chips!

For lunch, I made an Omelette, which is something I don't do often, but I'm quite good at. I started off my Disney double bill for the afternoon by watching Tangled. Tangled is my number one favourite Disney movie and I can pretty much tell you the whole story because I have seen it that many times. I call it my sick/cheer up movie, because whenever I'm ill or a bit down, it is an instant pick me up. Later that afternoon, I also watched The Lion King. The opening of that movie where they sing The Circle Of Life always brings back memories from seeing the musical. I have been very fortunate to have seen the musical twice at the Lyceum Theatre in London and it is honestly an amazing show. I love the song He Lives In You, which is in the musical, but not in the first movie. It is the opening of the second Lion King movie I believe, but it such a special moment in the show. The first time I went I was very lucky to sit about two rows back from the stage and right near the isle, so I got to see everything go past. The second time, during the half time break, I went to the toilet very late and it was very nearly starting when I got back, but on the way back in, I saw all the dancers waiting to enter through the back of the theatre - I should have joined in.

In between movies, I did some baking. I have been doing a bit of a shake up with breakfast because I am getting sick of toast and it makes me feel a little sick first things in the morning sometimes, so I have been baking breakfast bars and biscuits. These ones are honey and lemon and not being the biggest lemon fan, I reduced it, but it was still too much lemon for me, so these have gone to the human dustbin or better know as my Dad.

Not much else happened on Saturday cause it was a pretty boring night TV wise - you think they would have more on on a Saturday or just in general. I think I caught up on some youtube and that was about it.

Sunday started off with a trip back to ASDA to get a refund on my trousers and to get the printer paper that I forgot to get the day before. I also picked up a few bakery treats. When it comes to doughnuts, I am a simple lass and a good old glazed ring doughnut is good enough for me.

Sunday afternoon I went to the cinema to see the new Star Trek movie Beyond. I really loved the first two movies, so I needed to complete the set. Having never watched the show before, but having read about it in my film magazine recently, I have been recently watching the original series from the 60's. Ain't no doubt about it, effects were a little shoddy in those times, but I have watched 5 episodes so far and I really like it. As for the film, it felt like a longer episode of the tv show, which I think is a good thing and I liked the story because it wasn't overally complex at all. I think it ended very abruptly and Idris Elba was very underused, but that would be my only criticism. I got some popcorn from the cinema in ASDA. I picked up two bags (not both for me) of the Metcalfes popcorn in regular cinema sweet and this honey one. I'm not kidding you, the honey one was awful - I had two pieces and couldn't eat anymore - maybe I don't like honey flavoured things.

Sunday night we had lamb for tea, which is something I don't have often but I bloody love. It is up there as one of my favourite meats, but it can often be very fatty but we luckily got some that wasn't. Again, Sunday night telly is just as rubbish as Saturday apart from nine o'clock when my favourite is now back on - Dragon's Den. I can honestly not explain why I have a massive obsession for Dragon's Den - I just do. You would never get me going on it but I really like to see people succeed on it - but then you do got those cocky gits who go in the all big "I AM" and the Dragon's bring them back down to earth.

So that was my weekend! Let me know what you were up to in the comments below and I will see you later in the week for a realistic town haul (I took pictures today because I don't think I have enough self-control - you'll see why!).

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