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What I Got For My Birthday

By 11:25 AM

Hello everyone! The last couple of days have been very busy (including a cake disaster, but more on that at a later date lol!), hence the lack of posts. But I'm happy to say that one reason I was busy, was because yesterday was my birthday! I had a really good day and thankfully the rain held off till today! Nearly had a minor set back yesterday after completely forgetting my phone contract was up for renewal because I got my first contract on my birthday! But thankfully that all got sorted! So I thought that I would share with you my birthday loot! I'm not doing a disclaimer, cause I'm sick of hearing them and like me, you probably are all that little bit nosey! So no more waffling - let's get into this!

As per the norm with me, I asked for DVDs. I'm a pretty self sufficient person and not very materialistic when it comes to birthdays, so more often than not, I only ever ask for DVDs. The first one I got was Spy, which I have been wanting to see for ages. As a reader of this blog, I think I have mentioned a good dozen times that I love Miranda Hart and so that was my main reason for watching this. I actually watched this already yesterday because I was up so early and I really enjoyed it. The next DVDs I got were more to add to my Studio Ghibli collection, which again is something I have mentioned before. I think I only have 8 more to collect now and I'm a little sad that currently they won't be making anymore, but I hope they do. Finally, and here is where we go a bit hi-brow lol, I got a documentary which is all about the making of Studio Ghibli movies. It's in Japanese with subtitles, but a - I'm use to watching the movies in Japanese if I missed the dub on tv and b - I really love subtitles, even on English speaking movies!

Next I got a new iPad case, which is the only other thing I mentioned I might like. I do love my New Look ones, but from constant use, they were looking a little worn. I actually had seen this one online and loved it, so it was a great surprise when I got it because I never mentioned it. It folds to stand the way I like it and the screen isn't covered by a frame like on my others, which is really good. It also came with a stylus, which is a revelation to me, never having used one before - I am instantly hooked!

I got a lovely reed diffuser from Next which smells delicious! I believe that this is the Apricot Blossom one. I've never had one before and it smelled beautiful in the package. I really noticed the difference when I set it up last night, went upstairs for a bit and then came back down, I could really smell it. I must remember to turn them every week.

I got two lovely books. The first is a cupcake baking book from the Primrose Bakery. I love their baking books and have read a few in the past, but don't think I have used this one. There is a great Christmas candy cane one that I can't wait to try, but I'll have to wait a little bit. I also got a Harry Potter colouring book. I'm not going to lie, I don't think my eyesight will be too good after colouring this as it is incredibly detailed.

To go along with the baking theme, I got a Be-Ro book stand. This is a little in joke, because we have this seriously old, falling apart Be-Ro book that we still use. What I like about this is that is has a conversion chart on the front and it can also sit an iPad.

I got this gorgeous pencil case from accessorize, which is right up my street because I love anything with a geometric/Aztec style pattern on it. Though I am well off school age, I think this would be really good to keep in my bag for make-up and bits. I got another perfume to add to my collection, but as I have finished two up in the past few weeks, I think this is OK. This is actually a great one because it is handbag size, so it will be perfect for when I go back to work. This is a Next one and they make some lovely affordable fragrances. This is one I haven't had before called la mode and it comes in this beautiful black and white stripped packaging, which I might keep it in! I'm not going to attempt a description, so here is what it says: Fresh & Woody, with a smile of green tea and apple, a heart of iris and jasmine and a soul of sandalwood and musk. This might be sad, but I love anything that smells of apple because I love the smell of fairy liquid!

I also got a trio of socks from accessorize. I got a cut cloud pair, one with a fox on and a gorgeous glitter pair. Me and glitter go together like fish and chips!

Finally, while I bought this yesterday, it was with birthday money, so technically it is a present. After unsuccessfully trying to downsize my make-up collection, I did however throw some foundations, so I wanted a new one. I know a lot of people love this, so I picked up the L'Oreal True Match in Rose Ivory. The shade match is perfect and after going out for Tapas last night, it still looked really nice. A thumbs up from me.

And that is my birthday haul! Thanks for reading and look out for more new content next week.

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