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Current Favourites for September

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I feel like September has had a lot of apologies from me where this blog in concerned, but I hope you can bare with me as I get use to my new work routine and also try not to pick up every thing going. I am on my second cold in the space of 3 weeks and this one is a doozy! I had planned another skincare post for later this week, but that is on the back burner at the mo, as I wanted to test whether a product broke me out, cause I got a few spots on my cheek this week, where I never get them. So to starts off this Saturday, I am bringing you my current favourites for September.

- Favourite Beauty Product -

One product that I bought last month that I am just loving to death, is the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. This foundation is one of the best I have tried in a long while. It applies easily and quickly, which is great for mornings. It wears really well, enough that it is still there when I take my make-up off. It sits so nicely on the skin and after time, it still looks good, not cakey at all. One pump is more than enough for great coverage. I really like the TV advert that goes along with this product at the moment and the range of colour tones is incredible. It is very inexpensive and I can imagine trying more expensive foundations that wouldn't be half as good as this. I highly recommend it. It had also made me rekindle my love of the Real Technique Expert Face Brush, as the two work together perfectly. It won't be making a visual appearance in this post as it currently is not looking it's best aka I need to clean my brushes! My other favourite of this month is a long standing favourite, but deserves a special mention as they no longer make it :( A long time favourite mascara of mine, is Revlon's Grow Luscious - why they discontinued this I will never know! It just makes your lashes look long and luscious, defined without being clumpy and is just amazing. When this dries up I don't know what I'll do. It was at one time on Fragrance Direct but isn't at the moment, so if anyone knows a place selling it, I'll take you entire stock!

- Favourite Food -

I have tried many Garlic breads in my lifetime of eating it and never have I tried a supermarket one as nice as the Marks & Spencer's Garlic Bread - it is that good that I felt it deserved the title of my favourite food of September. Most breads you get are really dry and don't pack a garlic punch and as I have a strong tolerance for garlic, it has to really taste of garlic! This is layered with garlic butter, which means it is nice dry, while it has a lovely crunch. I think I am getting to involved with this so I'll move on (did I mention it was only £1!)

- Favourite Songs -

I haven't picked up much new music this month, but if you are a long time read of my blog, you will know that I love Sia. So when she released "The Greatest" earlier this month, I was all over that. I love the message of the song - a lot of Sia's songs have that powerful self-believe message which is always a good thing. A song I have liked over this past couple of days has quite a story behind it. One the website Digital Spy the other day they had this article of the best children's tv show theme tunes from the 80's (bare with me, this is going somewhere!). One of the shows on the list was The Raccoons, which I loved as a child and had a good old vhs of (which I still think is somewhere). Now, it is not the theme tune that I loved, but it was the end credit song called "Run With Us", which is a proper 80's electric tune. It totally brought it back to my memory and I can't stop listening to it. You sadly can't buy it, so I've had to give it a good listen on youtube, but if you remember the show, go look it up on youtube and you will instantly love it.

- Favourite TV / Films -

September hopefully brings with it a whole bunch of new shows to get into, but at the moment, I do have a few goodies. Sunday nights are all about the period dramas, with Poldark back and just as good as before, but I've also been loving Victoria on ITV. I'm not the greatest at History, so it is always good to watch these and enjoy the drama whilst you learn (can't say Reign is the most historically accurate but it given me some good trivia answers!). I have also started Cold Feet, though I've only watched the first so far. I watched the original series from about half way through maybe and honestly don't remember much of it apart from the end, so I would love to rewatch it. Nashville has had a great start the the series, so I hope it keeps going. I watched the first episode of The Night Of, which was quite engaging, but I haven't managed to watch the rest yet. Still rocking GBBO, but after all the recent hoohar over the future of the show, it has put a soggy bottom note on it. However my ultimate favourite of the month has been my new come dine with me, Four In A Bed. It does not help that all 10 series are available on 4OD and since last Sunday I have watched 30 episodes! If you don't know it is like Come Dine With Me, except they go to each others hotel/B&B. Someone on it the other day was from a B&B near me and I swear to god I know them from somewhere, but I don't know where.

I haven't watched a lot of new films lately, though I'm off to see Bridget Jones on tuesday. However, this past few weeks it has been rom com fever. So far I have watched The Proposal, Made Of Honour, Confession of a Shopaholic, Bride Wars and Valentines Day. I know some people stick their noses up at Rom Coms, but to be honest, enjoy levels of them far outweigh whether they are cheesy or not, and that's coming from someone who would like to think she has a good taste in movies. If you can't feel any enjoyment from a rom com, there is something wrong with you in my opnion lol (even the crappy ones!).

- Random Favourite -

This past week, I placed a clothing order from ASOS, which is something I never do and I loved everything. I bought a load of tops for work from ASOS own range and the quality is do good. I wanted some white t-shirts, but a little better quality and more loose fitting than the ones you get in Primark (no offense!). They said true to fit online and I would totally agree with that, because the sizing was so good and to be honest, price point wise, they are not expensive in the slightest. I would fully recommend the Easy T-shirt, which is lovely and lightweight and not too fitted.

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