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Fragrance Direct Haul - Part 1

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I must admit, I think I have a slight addiction to Fragrance Direct! I am constantly trawling through the make-up pages, checking out what has been added and making a wishlist of products I would love to buy (I already have my next purchase planned after pay day - Mac Margin Blush!). I put in a little cheeky order when they had a 10% off sale last Friday (which do they a lot so add them on twitter!), and as I bought a lot from the same brands, it was by 5 and you got one product free.

I'm doing this in two part because I can't sit for very long at the moment, as I have done my back in again! I fell down the stairs when I was a teenager and I always suffer with the occasional flare up. Hence why I'm doing this post today, instead of yesterday when it should have gone up.

The first part of this haul contains one nail varnish (I was restrained!) and a lot of Rimmel, so enough talking (typing!!??) and let's get into it.

Despite wanting a long list of them, I only got one OPI polish. Now, thinking about the time of the year, heading into Autumn, I'm thinking burgundys, wines, purples - so naturally, I bought a bright yellow!

This shade is called "I just can't Cope-Acabana" and I dare you not to start singing Barry Manolow because everytime I here the name, I can't help but burst into Copacabana. This shade looks paler in the bottle, but the best way I can describe it is like that yellow poster paint children use. It is just a spot on, straight up Yellow. This was only £3.50

Next, the first thing I picked up from Rimmel was a BB cream. This is the Rimmel BB Cream Radiance, which is a 9 in 1 product with SPF 20. I'm not going to go through all the 9 things it does, but it is a BB cream. I picked this up because I want something light for work and because the shade of this is very light. Whenever I get BB creams in "light" they are always orange tinged, but this is such a good shade match for my skin tone. This was £2.99.

I picked up another quick product for getting reading for work and this is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in the shade Trespassing Taupe. I thought this would work well to literally colour in my whole eyelid and then blend easily. To me, this is a cool toned brown, which is my preferred shade of brown. It's such a creamy texture and blends really easily, when working straight away. This was £1.99.

Finally from Rimmel, I picked up two more lipsticks from the Kate Moss line of colours. I did order three, but sadly, one went out of stock, but never mind. I ordered the shades 19 and 38 (the one I missed was 5). They have quite a few shades in stock include the popular 3 shade, so check it out. 19 is brown tone nude, whilst 38 is a coral tone nude. Both such pretty shades. I will say they came in the strangest of packaging, because I believe these are ones for sale in France, judging by the french on the packaging. You had to put them together. It reminds me of US packaging, especially for mascara, where the brush us seperate from the product. It's a needless waste of packaging, so I'm glad in the UK, you just get the product. These were just £1.99 each.

I'm so please with the products I have got so far and will be adding these to my daily routine. Check back Monday (hopefully - work and back permitting!) for part 2 of the haul.

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