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My iPod Most Played Tracks

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I was adding a new track to my iPod the other day (I don't think it needs much guessing considering how much I talk about her music! Sia "The Greatest") and that got me thinking - what are the most played songs on my iPod. I'm quite the track flicker and I know there are songs that I certainly listen to more than others, but I was quite surprised by some of them. I don't now what it says about my music taste and I don't know how completely accurate they are, considering I feel I've listened to songs a lot more. But here are my top 10's from both my iPods (I actually have three - one full one, one that doesn't switch on unless it's plugged into a speaker and my regular one).

Purple iPod

#1 - Sia "Fire Meet Gasoline" // 71 plays
This actually really surprised me that this was my number one played song on my iPod. Don't get me wrong, I bloody love the song, I just didn't think I liked it 71 times.

#2 - Sia "Chandelier" // 70 plays

#3 - Taylor Swift "Blank Space" // 68 plays
This was another surprise for me because I know there are songs on 1989 that I love more.

#4 - Nina Nesbitt "Not Me" // 65 plays

#5 - Taylor Swift "Style" // 61 plays

#6 - Sia "Elastic Heart" // 59 plays
I though this would be a lot higher up, but as I have both the album version and the Hunger Games version, I think the combined would make it top.

#7 - Selena Gomez "Sober" // 57 plays
This track is a surprise considering this has probably been on my iPod the least compared to the other songs - I must really love it.

#8 - Taylor Swift "All Too Well" & Taylor Swift "Enchanted" // 56 plays

#9 - Selena Gomez "Live Like There's No Tomorrow" // 55 plays
I adore this song, so I am not surprised this is up there!

#10 - Demi Lovato "Cool For The Summer" // 53 plays

There were definitely a few surprises on the list and whilst there is a lot similar tracks and it is very girl power :) I would like to point out the next track that just missed the top 10 was John Newman's "Losing Sleep" which is one of my all time favourite tracks, so I'm writing that just there to prove I listen to men and that I don't just listen to pop lol

Blue iPod

#1 - Kelly Clarkson "Don't Let Me Stop You" // 136 plays
This completly took me by surprise because this is an album track and I never realised I listened to it enough to make it the top track. Having said that though, it is an alltime favourite Kelly Clarkson song, so if you haven't heard it - go do!

#2 - Miley Cyrus "7 Things" // 130 plays

#3 - Rihanna "Cry" // 123 plays
This was not a surprise, because this is one of my favourite Rihanna songs. This was a bonus track on her Good girl Gone Bad album, which is one of those rare albums that I listen to every track on - it was an epic album! A lot of my fav Rihanna songs are album tracks.

#4 - Miley Cyrus "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" // 121 plays

#5 - Miley Cyrus "Full Circle" // 118 plays
There is certainly a lot of Miley Cyrus in the top 5! Whilst I can't say I overally like her new music, I was a massive fan of her first couple of albums and some of my favourite comes from her first one.

#6 - JoJo "Coming For You" // 115 plays
I do love JoJo's music, so I'm really glad she is coming back with new music. This one is a particular favourite from her album "The High Road", which is again an album I love pretty much every song on.

#7 - LeAnn Rimes "Suddenly" // 111 plays
I actually really like country music and did before I became a Taylor Swift fan and I have been a fan of LeAnn Rimes for a long time. I love a lot of her tracks, but this one particularly because there are some notes in here that amaze me that she keeps it going. She has an amazing voice.

#8 - The Veronicas "4ever" // 105 plays

#9 - Hilary Duff "Stranger" // 101 plays
Again, can't say that I thought I loved this song enough to play it that many times and I know there are track by Hilary that I love more - I am a long time Hilary Duff fan!

#10 - Paramore "Misery Business" & The Saturdays "Chasing Lights" // 95 plays
I bet that's two bands you never thought you would see together. I don't listen to a lot of Paramore music, but this is too much of an awesome song not to like - I love the Guitar solo. I love the Saturdays and this song is the title song from there first album, which is another album I love every track on - the Saturdays have some good songs.

There is more a mix on this iPod but I am going to admit something - I thought there would be a lot more Glee music in this. I used to be obsessed with Glee and the soundtrack but after season 3, I gave up with the show because it moved to a channel I didn't have. I know the later seasons are no where near as good as the early ones, so I would rather have those memories.

I hope the nosey readers of mine enjoyed a little insight into what I try not to dance along to on the way to work (seriously, I cannot listen to Uptown Funk without trying to walk like they do in the music video - so I banned it!). I'd love to know your most listened to, so let me know in the comments below.

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