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W7 The Naughty Nine Palette Review

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As I mentioned in my recent Fragrance Direct Haul, I wanted to do a separate review on my W7 Naught Nine Palette. This post was suppose to go up earlier this week, however this week has been insane! I started my new job this week, which meant I didn't have as much time, my back was still bad and to top it all off, I got ill in my first week of work! Taking a day off isn't a great thing in the first week of work, but I'm still not great now. I think from now on, I'll be getting my posts done at the weekend, ready for the week, but thank you for being patient!

The W7 Naughty Nine palette is a nifty little thing. For £5.95 (or if you get it through Fragrance Direct, only £2.50), you get a nine pan palette, with a mixture of finishes and tones. You can choose from 4 options - Hard Day's Night (Blue and Grey Tones), Bangkok Nights (purples and plums), Arabian Nights (browns and neutrals) and the palette I chose, Mid Summer Nights, which is gold and pinks.

For the price, you get 9 really good sized pans (going by UK coins, I would say the size of a penny), and in this particularly palette, you 4 mattes and 5 shimmers. The packaging is nothing offensive and really sturdy, letting the colours of the shadows shine through. It's small enough that it easily fits in you make-up bag, whilst still giving you a lot of colour combos. And whilst I know this makes absolutely no difference to quality, I wish they had names!

On the top row you get a gorgeous gold, which whilst not the most original, is always welcomed. You than get two mattes, first a pink toned beige and then mushroom toned beige. These both work great as base shades and transition shades.

Second row starts with a brown toned copper shade, which again, not the most original but always well used. You then have a matte very dark cool toned brown, follow by one of my favourites in the palette, which is a black/brown shade with a gold shimmer running through. You don't see a lot of these and this is a particularly pretty one!

The bottom row is where you start to see the pink rosey tones. First you have a matte warm toned beige, again a lovely transition shade. Next follows a red toned pink simmer, which almost looks like an iridescent brown. This shadow is little a basic colour amped up with a highlighter - it's so pretty. The final shade is another rosey red tone - I'd called this a burgundy. Again this has a light shimmer in.

Overall I do like this palette. I feel that it does edge more towards the golds, as the pinks only come in at the very end. Whilst a fair few of the shades are not the most original, there are some gems in the ones that are, especially the black/gold. Some of the shades do have a bit of fall out, particularly that black and whilst the pigmentation is good using my finger, I think some would be less so with a brush. However, with the mix of colours and the quality of the shades, I do like this little thing and will be adding it to my daily make-up bag.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post and if you want to leave me any feedback, then drop me a comment or tweet me @prettyedu88.

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