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My Week #1 - Dentist and Internet Nightmares

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Hello everyone! Another week has gone by with no post from me. To be honest, I haven't had that much to actually talk about, what with being at work - not a lot is happening. However, I always really like writing my weekend post, so I am trying something new today and sharing my week with you. You might like it, you might not, but it is just a new idea to get me writing some more posts. I am going to do Saturday to Saturday, because that is the best day for me to type. I'm also going to attempt to try and do a mid week post as well, which this week will hopefully involve a massive DVD haul, but more on that later. I hope you enjoy this and let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter.

~ Saturday 1st October ~

Last Saturday started off with a trip to town with one goal in mind - Boots Christmas catalogue! Call me sad, but to me, Christmas officially begins with the release of the Boots Christmas catalogue. And it did not disappoint because there was load there! Boots I think is a bit boring at Christmas now because everything is just a rehash and repackage of the previous years and the catalogue annoys me a bit because all the branded bits are not all on there own page. I also picked up the Superdrug one, which is full of youtubers brands. I just got myself the Tanya Burr Advent Calendar for the second year running, as it was down to £15. In Superdrug, I caved and repurchase my favourite Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Pads. This time however, I got the night ones, which you use a couple times a week. They have a stronger acid smell, but they were less expensive than the normal ones and I got £2 off in Superdrug points. I knew my skin was missing it because I broke it badly when I stopped using them.

I spent Saturday afternoon typing up a blog post about Bridget Jones's Baby and Legally Blonde The Musical, before making an attempt to tidy and get rid of some clothes in my wardrobe that I didn't wear. I didn't really work! Saturday night was all about Strictly Come Dancing. I have entered for tickets for nearly every show, so I hope I get some.

~ Sunday 2nd October ~

I went out Sunday morning to The Original Factory Shop. It is a great place to get branded make-up like Rimmel and Revlon, it bit like Fragrance Direct in a shop, but I didn't see anything I wanted. I then took a trip to B&M. I remember B&M from when I was a child because we didn't have one near us, so we had to drive to get to it, but it use to have the most amazing Barbie playsets. I have a Barbie shop, post office, hair salon from there and they were always a real treat for us!

Sunday afternoon I caved and had a 4 in the Bed marathon. I honestly cannot stop watching that programme, it is getting a bit addictive and there is a brand new series starting this week. After a nice roast dinner (chicken!), I watched the farce that was the Strictly results, before having a night of The Flash. Season 2 has just been added to NowTV ahead of the new season starting at the end of the month, so I watched a couple of my fav episodes including the crossover and the Earth 2 episodes.

~ Monday 3rd October ~

Monday came around so quickly and it was off to work. I luckily got a train home today as I had to get a replacement bus the entire week before and on the first day it didn't even turn up! I like getting the train to work and being a train commuter, because I don't ever really go on the train. I don't live far from my train station (just a couple minutes work) and it is far cheaper than a bus. My train journey is only about 5 minutes, whereas the bust would take forever and get stuck in the morning traffic. After work I watched some more of The Flash and then caught up on Poldark.

~ Tuesday 4th October ~

After work on Tuesday I had a nightmare trying to paint my nails again! It had happened that day before where it just would not dry, even though it felt and looked dry. I don't know if I need a new top or base coat or what, but it's so annoying when you spend ages carefully painting them and leaving them to dry between coats and it just does nothing! I cheered myself up by doing some DVD shopping - it got crazy! Having watched the recent Will & Grace skit for the US Presidential Campaigns, it made me realise how much I loved watching the show. My sister had them all on DVD but when she moved out, so did the DVDs, despite me being the one who watched them the most. You can get the whole collection for only £30 on Amazon, but it has such rubbish reviews in terms of quality and episodes being missing. So I went on Music Magpie, where you can buy second hand DVDs and looked for the boxsets my sister had and got all 8 seasons for about £12. Most of them were only just over £1 which is crazy considering how much my sister spent. However, as you know, when you online shop, you go looking for one thing and get distracted by another and about half an hour later, 15 DVDs in, I placed my order. It only came to £22 and free postage. I'm just waiting for them to arrive and if they are good, I would consider using them again.

~ Wednesday 5th October ~

I knew I had an exciting Wednesday ahead, as after work, I was going for lunch with my friend who I haven't seen in ages. We talk all the time, mainly through twitter, but we hadn't had lunch together in a while. We went to the nearest to work place, which happened to be a Sainsbury's Cafe, but to honest, the venue didn't matter. We had a good natter for ages, catching up on her new business and are fave things we are watching, before we headed to have a nosey at the magazines and DVDs. I am lethal with magazines and despite the fact I subscribe to Empire magazine, I picked up Total Film. I have been enjoying that magazine a bit more than Empire, which has gone through some changes I don't like. I also picked up a copy of Cosmo, which has Zoella on the front. I really like Zoe and her videos are some of my favourite on YouTube. I use to be subscribed to so many people of YouTube but I am finding now I just skip some peoples videos, even those who are the original youtubers. But Zoe's content is just right up my street.

Having a look at the DVDs, the Disney ones were on two for £12, but here is a sad fact - I could only find one I didn't have! Instead, I got the newest and most likely last Studio Ghibli movie, When Marnie Was There. This has an incredibly beautiful story and I know this is a good one because my sister said so and she is a bit iffy on them. After coming home, I came home to the worst internet connection I have ever had. I very rarely have internet problems, but the connection was so bad, I couldn't even watch The Flash, it was so pixelated, whereas the picture is usually crisp. This meant ringing up the dread customer services. I am with EE (technically Orange) and I have had bad customer service from them before. When I changed phone networks, I had to ring up to get a code and when I did, they told me to ring back later because they were too busy to get it for me! I've never been so in awe in my life that I was told to ring back. This time was no different. The internet is in my Dad's name, but I deal with everything because I Dad wouldn't even know how to switch a laptop on, better yet use the internet! I have been added as 3rd party to talk to them before, but for some reason, this seem to have disappeared. So I got my Dad and quite frankly, the person on the other end was so rude! We were asked the most stupid customer identification ever - when did you last ring us? How in Gods name are we suppose to know that. I eventually hung up on her and re rang, where we got through to someone who was a little more helpful, but we got the same old answer - there was a problem with our phoneline. Yet for some reason, as soon as I hung up, the internet started working again! I am researching a switch at the moment, just because there customer service is shockingly bad!

~ Thursday 6th October ~

Thursday was just a craptastic of a day! I woke up to an insane amount of emails which turned out to be dispatch notices for all my dvds so I think they are all coming separately, sorry postman! After a bit of an annoying day at work, I went to the dentist, where I was told the shocking news that I need 4 fillings! I was gobsmacked because I just couldn't understand how I had developed the need for 4 since July when I last went. My teeth don't hurt me at all, I don't drink or smoke, don't drink tea or coffee, drink sugar free juice and don't eat to much sugary food, as well as brushing regularly. I eat a lot of fruit and also don't drink milk, so I think this might be some reason as to why. It could be genetic, because I have about 8 teeth missing that just never came. Her advice was to drink water - I'm sorry but what kind of sad existence is that! I had lovely teeth until I was in my early 20's where I needed my first filling and ever since then it's been filling after filling. I honestly feel the dentist has messed up my teeth because my sugar intake compared to when I was a child/teen is a lot less. I was actually quite angry because I just don't know what else I can do. I am not getting them to the end of the month, but my bloody mouth will be more filling than teeth. They are actually on my back teeth and sometimes I get a sore jaw from clenching too much, so I think that might have something to do with it. After being judged like all dentist do, I was butchered with some cleaning contraption that made my mouth fill with blood. I swear to God, you are sometimes better off not going to the bloody dentist. I'd love to see how perfect their teeth are!

~ Friday 7th October ~

Friday all round was a generally better day. I had a good day at work and then I had a nice afternoon at home, followed by a good if slightly boring compared to last weeks Friday. Friday just seem to come around so quickly this week.

And that was my week! I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned to mid week, where I will hopefully be posting a DVD haul when they all arrive!

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