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My Week #2 - Baking, Post Dilemmas and Tiregate

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Good afternoon everyone! In summarising this week - it has actually not been bad but my God did it fly by! It doesn't seem long ago I was writing about my previous week and here I am writing about a whole new one. My plan for a mid week DVD haul fell through because as of right now the bulk of my order still has not arrived! Royal Mail is by far the slowest at delivering - I have ordered and got something else whilst waiting for my order! I have already typed out and sent a lovely little email asking where it is, so fingers crossed - there should be a midweek dvd haul. Anyway, on to my week!

~ Saturday 8th October ~

It was a lazy kind of Saturday this week, after quite a busy week. I started off my morning writing my first ever week in a life post and I really enjoyed writing it and thinking about all the highs and lows of my week. I spent most of the morning doing that, then I made my lunch. I have been enjoying having an omelette on a Saturday, because my lunch during the week is so dull. However, over the past couple of weeks, my ability to make an omelette, which was probably an A, has gone right down to an F. I just can't stop messing them up, which is weird as I was so good at them!

Saturday afternoon was a full on baking afternoon. My sister has tweeted a picture the week before of some bakes she had made for a Macmillan coffee morning and I just had to make them myself. They are two recipes that are family recipes because I have no idea where they come from as they are hand written in an exercise book! They are classic favourites, not overally complex and just bloody tasty. Quite quickly I made a batch of Honey Oat Biscuits and Coconut and Cherry biscuits, which taste exactly how they are named. Let's just say they didn't last long. I baked them whilst watching Season 1 of Legends Of Tomorrow, which I am rewatching before the new season start at the end of the month/November. I watched about 5 episodes in total - whoops! Saturday night finished with the compulsory viewing of Strictly Come Dancing.

~ Sunday 9th October ~

Sunday morning I went out to do a bit of shopping and to stop off at my sister's house. She is currently on holiday, so we went to check up on her cat. I said he could come and stay with me, but apparently he is very temperamental and wouldn't settle away from home. Well, when I got there, the lazy thing was sunnying himself in the back yard!

I had another baking afternoon where I made an apple crumble for my Dad, after "acquiring" some baking apples - and by acquired, I mean I stole them off a tree in my sister's back yard. In my defensive, there where a fair few rotten on the ground, so she obviously couldn't be bothered to pick them! For those interested, it was this Jamie Oliver recipe I used. Sunday night I tuned in to the Strictly results and I was so annoyed that both Laura and Tameka were in the bottom, and that Tameka left. Neither deserved it and Tameka should not have left. But as I always tell myself, I didn't vote, so I can't complain. Me and my sister only ever vote in the final, because one year we voted and that person left, so we are both massive jinxes. I also watched a movie Sunday night that I again acquired from my sister's house - a nicked her copy of Cinderella (the live one). To be honest, I saw it at the cinema and it is an ok movie, but they could have done a lot better.

~ Monday 10th October ~

Monday after work, I cam home to a dread red card of doom - I had missed the postman and they had delivered some of my DVDs. As one had been posted through the door, I couldn't understand why the others didn't fit, but never mind. I also painted my nails when I came home using Revlon's Calla Lily. It is a gorgeous milky white with a gold shimmer. The base is pretty see through, so it just gives the nails a nice tone, whilst the hint of gold gives them a nice shine. I describe it as a highlighter for nails!

~ Tuesday 11th October ~

After work on Tuesday I nipped to pick up my DVDs from the post office. ONly five have come so far, which is pretty annoying. However, Tuesday was by far over taken by the week long event that was Tiregate! A mysterious tire appeared on our street on Tuesday morning and for the life of me I could not figure out where from. Our street is one of those where some people can't be bothered to move things off the pavement (just like my next door neighbours who are forever leaving their recycling boxes one the pavement and walking right past them because they are that lazy). As it was next to someones van, I presumed it could possibly be theirs. Yes - my life really is that interesting!

~ Wednesday 12th October ~

Wednesday was another uneventful day at work, so I cam back and caught up on Poldark and then watched a bit of Baby Daddy, before my obsession, Four In A Bed, was on. No one on that programme can take criticism, but they are all eager to give it. It really annoys me when they give low scores for cleanliness when there is like a speck of dust. If I put two, it would have to be like squalor for me that award a mark that low. And they come up with some stupid reasons, case in point (we are time travelling here) on Friday, someone underpaid by £20 because of a bloody bathroom door, which had a margin of glass you could see through in the bedroom. They can be very petty. Wednesday was fish and chip night (well sausage and chips for me), plus it was another Wednesday where I managed to forget that Bake Off was on till just before it started.

I was also really sad on Wednesday that Will Young had decided to pull out of Strictly, because I think he is a really great person and he was doing really well. Though we don't know the exact reason and whilst it was sad to lose him, I think Tameka should have been allowed to come back, as really one celebrity goes each week and now two have gone this week. I think it would have been the fair thing to do.

~ Thursday 13th October ~

Thursday started with some training at work, which I didn't really know much about, but it turned out to be really interesting and for definite something I could use in my on going work, so it was a good session to attend. When I came home, I caught up on Nashville, which is one of my favourite shows and practically cocooned myself in a blanket because it is getting that cold! I got excited when I saw an advert for the special Stand Up 2 Cancer Crystal Maze revival. This is such a throw back to me because I always watched it as a child and it was such a big scale and detailed game show. I can say I have played the Crystal Maze (albeit on an iPad) and I won the hard level, so I think I have more than enough skills to compete. I never thought my dream of being on the Crystal Maze would come true, but as they might revive the series completely, I would be well up for it. In another childhood nostalgia moment, I also heard on the radio that morning that Fraggle Rock is coming back! It is going to be on the TV (in America sadly) again, showing the restored versions of the original series. I never really saw the muppet version as a child, but I did watch the cartoon version and you have to admit - Fraggle Rock has the best theme tune!

Thursday night I placed a cheeky order to Next. I am not going to say what as I picked them up today, so you will find out in next weeks post, but let's just say they fit and they are something I have been looking for for ages, but could never find a longer leg length in! I started watching some of my Will and Grace DVD's that I ordered that night as well.

~ Friday 14th October ~

Friday came around so quickly that I almost couldn't believe it. While it is always a thank god it's Friday moment at work, I am really loving my new job and have settled really well into it. It was another cold day today, but I love being wrapped up in my big parka, scarf and fingerless gloves. I always where fingerless gloves, but my hands seem to stay warm. Friday morning also started off with the closure of Tiregate, as the mysterious tire magically disappeared! Friday night I made the mistake of looking on the Primark website and clicking on the Christmas section. Having just got a Primark in our town center in August, I honestly haven't been overjoyed by it and the clothing especially has been a pretty poor selection. However, the Christmas baubles looked amazing. I loved the coloured schemes, and as I have a black Christmas tree in my room, the almost Halloween colour scheme mixed ones seemed perfect for it.

And that was my week! I have been off to town this morning, so I'll post a mini haul mid week and hopefully will have an update on my dvds.

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