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My Week #3 - Presents, Post Dilemmas Part 2 and Colds

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Good morning everyone. This week can be described in one word - crap! To be fair, it started off really well but by mid week it went down hill! I'm sorry I didn't post mid week, but I explained on twitter why, but you can read more about it below. I'm hoping that next week turns out to be a heck of a lot better than this week, but judging by today, it might just be as bad! (That's a great endorsement to get you to read next weeks, isn't it :) )

~ Saturday 15th October ~

Saturday started of with a trip into town. Having been looking at all the Christmas things on the Primark site, it was the first store I headed to. I know it is far from being Christmas yet, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, right?!? They don't have the biggest homeware section in mine, but the bauble section was pretty stocked. I picked up two packs of these 25 baubles for £2.50 each, which is 10p a bauble! I picked the copper/black mix because last year I got a black Christmas tree and these will be perfect to mix with the mini glass baubles I got last year from Paperchase. I also picked up the pastel pack with no real tree in mind, but they were too nice to pass up. I also picked up my Next order (though I nearly forgot to!). I finally found a pair of Camo print jeans that actually came in more than one leg length. These pant are so good because they fit like a dream and they come in 4 different leg lengths. I also like that the Camo is subtle as some of the more cheaper ones are a bit funny looking. They were only £28 as well.

After having lunch and typing up my next post, I had a bit of a lazy afternoon. My sister came back from France today and she bought me some gifts back. She got me a pencil that writes red, blue and white like the flag, some paper crafts from Agent Paper, an egg cup and a art print plate. Saturday evening was a Strictly evening and the dancing tonight was on another level. There are very few that are even close to being bad dancers this year, so it's going to be such a close race.

~ Sunday 16th October ~

Sunday morning was a shopping morning and I treated myself to two Disney DVDs in the 2 for £12 sale. I picked up Monsters University, which I have only seen once before on Netflix and then I got Zootropolis, which I have never seen before. I watched it in afternoon while I baked another batch of my Coconut and Cherry biscuits. If you would like a recipe for them, I might be persuaded to share it! It was a really great movie. I loved the storyline and the different characters in it and it wasn't what I expected, but actually better than what I expected.

After a Sunday roast, I tuned into the Strictly results, which this week I tended to agree with. But the big event of Sunday evening was the special Stand Up 2 Cancer edition of The Crystal Maze. It absolutely loved the show as a child and was so excited to watch it. It was really good and I think it shows that people still wanted it and would love to see a proper revival series.

~ Monday 17th October ~

Monday was a work day and the start of yet more of my post dilemmas. After getting the first part of my DVD order last Monday, it had been a week since I had received anymore, which was very strange. So I sent an email out to Music Magpie to see where my order had got to. I never like to leave my parcels with neighbours because I have been burned by that in the past. I once ordered something from Amazon and nearly a week after dispatch, it didn't show up. Then just as I was about to email them to ask where it was, my neighbour suddenly appeared at my door with it. They had had it the whole time and only must have said when they probably heard me shouting about it having not turned up.

~ Tuesday 18th October ~

There isn't really a whole lot to say about Tuesday - it was a pretty boring day! Tuesday night I caught up with the last episode of "Victoria". To say I never really liked history at school is an understatement, but recently, I have loved watching dramas with historical basis. Don't get me wrong, I know there is a lot of fictionalisation to it, but the history facts are correct and I have really enjoyed but learnt a lot from this series. I would say it is by far more historically accurate than Reign - but then again, I don't care, I love Reign!

~ Wednesday 19th October ~

Wednesday was the day that everything went downhill. I had been feeling a bit unwell with a bad cough all week, but nothing that I couldn't work through. Working with children, you tend to get everything and as part of working with children, it involves cleaning up sick, which I had to on Wednesday. When I got to train station to go home after work, I was going to eat my lunch and I just wasn't hungry. When I get on the train, I literally thought I was going to fall asleep on it and then when I got off, I felt like I was going to fall over and that I was swaying.

I took my temperature when I got home it was extremely high. So I dose myself up with some medication and then laid down on the sofa for the rest of the night. It took ages to get my temperature back down, but by bed time, I was getting back to somewhere close to normal. Luckily I had the latest episodes of Poldark and GBBO to try and cheer me up! So as I mentioned on twitter, that is why there was no mid week post on Wednesday because I was trying to stop shivering!

~ Thursday 20th October ~

I couldn't go to work on Thursday because my body was aching all over and my temperature was still quite high, so I had a bit of a lazy day on the sofa while I tried to recover. I caught up on an episode of Cold Feet and then spent the rest of the day pretty much watching Will & Grace.

I was starting to feel a little bit better by the afternoon but that is always the case with me. I still wasn't feeling very hungry, so I didn't really eat much for the rest of the day and I don't have much more to say about Thursday, so lets move on!

~ Friday 21st October ~

I had all good intentions of being better and going back to work today, but when I woke up, I felt worse than I had the day before, despite having had a really good sleep the night before. While the aching feeling had gone away, it had been replaced by a chesty cough and headaches. It is the joys of working with children.

I got a reply from Music Magpie today to confirm that they had sent out replacement DVDs for the ones that had gone missing, which is quite sad because I don't believe it was their fault but the stupid post, so hopefully they will actually arrive. And either in my strange mind or might slightly delusional from cold mind, I ended up ordering some more DVDs, so when they all finally come, expect a massive DVD haul post.

The rest of Friday was pretty boring and this morning I have woken up with what is probably the next step in my hell of a cold - the nose section! Enjoy your weekend and lets hope next week is better than this suck fest!

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