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My Week #4 - Continuing Colds, Superheroes Assemble and Exciting Events

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Hello Saturday! I am so glad that it is finally Saturday - this week work wise had been a bit hit and miss with good days and days. But now I am off for one whole glorious week and I have a lot of good things planned, one of which I'll tell you about next Friday (secret clue - murder mystery!). But here is my recap of my week.

~ Saturday 22nd October ~

Last Saturday I was still in my illness funk, so being ridiculously honest - I did bugger all. After I wrote up my post for the previous week, I pretty much spent the rest of my day watching my Will and Grace boxset because I just did not have any energy. The symptom of today was coughing and then the coughing gave me a headache and the headache hurts and so on. I made a nip to the Spar for something and you would have thought I had been on a marathon run. I also caught up on Nashville and ended up watching two episodes because it was so good!

The worst of the symptoms was appetite, in that I had none and I'm an eater, so for me, that was another of the worse. Saturday evening consisted of lying on the sofa with my dressing gown hood on to block out the light, whilst watching Strictly. One of the symptoms I always get when I'm ill is a real hatred of light.

~ Sunday 23rd October ~

Sunday I had to make some attempt to go out because the house needed food and I had to go back to work on Monday. So I went out to do the weekly shop and I got some cough medicine from ASDA. Now, I don't know why they bother putting any kind of flavour labelling on cough medicine, because there is only ever one flavour of cough medicine and that is vile! and it really did taste vile. And I'm not entirely sure it did anything.

Sunday afternoon consisted of yet another 4 in a Bed marathon, although I realised near the end that I had actually seen it before but I had clearly forgotten along the way. I prefer the 4 in a Bed marathons to watching episode every day. Watching the Strictly results on Sunday night, I was really really sad to see Lesley go. I know why people keep contestants like Ed in for the amusement value, but when it comes down to it, it is a dancing competition and great dancers are leaving over someone who is getting worse rather than better.

~ Monday 24th October ~

I went back to work today and it was an OK first day back, but not being completely 100% still, I was knackered when I came home. I planned to watch one of the many programmes I actually needed to catch up on, but I am the biggest procrastinator and will literally wait until I have one day left to watch it, so I watched more Will & Grace!

On Monday night I was surprised to find that Supergirl was back, so I watched the Season 2 opening. I much prefer the Superman/Clark Kent that they have, because I cannot stand the Man Of Steel movie! As someone who is trying to help mankind, he doesn't have do a lot of destruction in doing so. Whereas the Clark Kent in Supergirl is so much more the cheesy kind from the likes of The Adventures of Lois and Clark and the Superman Returns movie. The movie one know tries to go so dark, like the Batman movies - which works for them, but doesn't work for such a bright and colourful character like Superman. What do I know anyway - I've never read a Superman comic in my life!

~ Tuesday 25th October ~

I was suppose to go to the dentist on Tuesday after work for one of my many fillings, but I was still coughing a good one and didn't want to have a coughing fit mid filling, so I had to cancel my apppointment. Tuesday is my buisest day of work, and was more busy because I did some tutoring cover after work as well, so I didn't sit down till 6:30! So in loo of making tea, good old fish and chips seemed appropriate, although most of the time I had a sausage. True story - until a few years ago, I always thought a savloy was a fish! I bet you feel better for knowing that fact.

When I came back from my first job that day, I was surprised to find the new episode of Season 3 of the Flash on NowTV, considering it wasn't on Sky 1 till later that evening. So not wanting to risk it being a mistake and disappearing, I quickly devoured it. Barry Allen what have you done! I'm loving the Flashpoint storyline already. I also watched the latest episode of Poldark, which I know had been very controversial because it is quite ambiguous. I certainly have my opinion of how I felt it played out, and whilst I know this is based the book, which ever way you took the storyline, it was a massive character flaw for the main character of Poldark, and has certainly made me feel differently towards the morality of the character.

~ Wednesday 26th October ~

After work on Wednesday, I came home to finally find some DVDs had been delivered, although they were from my second order rather than the replacement of my first lot. I am still a bit wary about whether they actually will arrive or not and I would like to know actually happened to the original ones that I actually ordered, because they have to be somewhere. But luckily I had another surprise, because just like they had done with The Flash the day before, the first episode of Season 5 of Arrow had also been added before the first showing that evening. I gotta say, after a lackluster Season 4, the first episode of Season 5 was very good. There were some incredible fight pieces and really good camera work. Little spoiler encase you haven't watched it - you have been warned so look away - I know a lot of people were annoyed that Oliver actually killed someone in this episode, and I certainly felt it was a step back for the character. But within the arc of Oliver, after what happened in the last season, I actually found it quite believable and I think it will be something he struggles with the entire season.

Whilst something began, Wednesday also saw the end of The Great British Bake Off as we know it on the BBC. I really didn't mind who won at all, but I felt the Candice was a really worthy winner, although I would have like a more extravagant final challenge with a big, creative bake, rather than the one they did, which I can see the high level of skills in. I loved the technical challenge, because they had only one instruction, but even I think I could bake a Victoria Sponge. I will miss Bake Off on the BBC, as I don't think it will be the same on Channel 4, because there was a lot more to it than just the format of the show. Mary, Mel and Sue will all be missed, whilst I think ad breaks will be a massive pain!

~ Thursday 27th October ~

Thursday was a pretty crappy and annoying day at work. I will hold my hand up right now and say that I think too much about what people are thinking about me and also that I don't want to look stupid, but I really felt today that someone made me feel like I was doing something stupid, which I don't appreciate considering I was doing something no one had ever fully explained to me. I don't have a lot of confidence in myself since I left my last job, as someone there made me feel like nothing I did was ever good enough for them and it only takes one person to knock you. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things about my job that I bloody love, but sometimes you can't choose the people that you work with. I know I'm not going to get on with everyone and I am certainly not there to make friends, but I know there are people I do work with who I get along with more because they are more like me. It's amazing how one crappy thing can spoil a whole day.

Thursday night however, I finally managed to get a ticket for something very exciting. My friend Lynsey invited me to her birthday celebration, which is murder mystery dinner party at a art deco hotel near where I live. Being allergic to Facebook, I didn't get the message till late and as what we were going to is actually an event at the hotel, not specifically for her birthday, I wasn't sure I was going to get a ticket and it wasn't looking good when I called up on Monday. However, she managed to pull some strings and I am going! It is a Pride and Prejudice themed murder mystery, but you don't have to dress up, so I am going to order a couple of things from Next and see what I can put together. Look out for my post next Saturday when I'll give you all the details.

~ Friday 28th October ~

I had been looking forward to Friday for a while now, because now I am FREE! I have a lovely week off to just do nothing and hopefully recover from my illness, which is still sticking around over a week later.

I came home from work to 4 parcels from Music Magpie and now I finally have the entirety of my order. If you look back through my last posts, you'll see how long it actually took me to get everything. But that means I can now do a post this week of my ma-hoo-sive DVD haul (quick clue - I bought 21 dvds whoops!). And just for you who have read this far, here is a cheeky sneak peak!

And that was my week. I hope you have enjoyed reading the continuing saga which is me life and stay tuned to this week, which I am hoping because I am off, will be post heavy, but also for my post next Saturday when I give you all the details of my Murder Mystery dinner!

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