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My Week With Bridget Jones and Elle Woods

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It's October! You are probably going to hear everyone say that today, but it's really true! This time one month ago, I was getting ready to start my new job - now it feels like I have been there forever. September was a great month and I am really enjoying being back to work and working alongside my new colleagues.

This week has been a really exciting week because I have been on two nights out. For a girl who is more likely to be sat in watching the Great British Bake Off, going out two nights during the week is unheard of - and one was a work night. However, both nights has quickly turned into the best nights out in ages.

On Tuesday night I took myself off to the cinema with my sister to see Bridget Jones' Baby. I have grown up with Bridget Jones, seeing the first when I was in high school with a bunch of people who I don't even know now at a cinema that is now a Tesco's. The second I saw at another cinema while I was at Uni I believe. The new one I saw in a complete different cinema that didn't even exist when the first two came out, having been to Uni twice and just starting a new job. Like most people, as Bridget has grown, so have I.

I didn't know what to expect from the movie, being a complete new story. I have read the first two. The first I read after the movie and the 2nd I read before going to see the movie, which I don't think was a good idea because I didn't enjoy it as much. I have had the third Bridget Jones book sat on the shelf above me for ages, but like most of my books, it is waiting in line. But with some good reviews, as well as the original team, I was going in thinking it would be good.

Well, was I wrong. It wasn't good - it was BLOODY FANTASTIC. I am not kidding you, as soon as I had finished watching it, I told my sister that it was the best movie I had seen in 2016. It was laugh after laugh after laugh and not just laughs but proper feel it all over yourself laughing. The new characters fitted in well with the old characters and the whole story was more mature whilst still maintaining the Bridget magic. Renew Zellweger snapped back into character so easily and I know a lot has been made about the whole weight issue - it never even crossed my mind at all watching it and plus, why put on a load of weight when you would have to wear a baby bump anyway. It didn't matter to this story anyway.

Let talk about difference. I honestly liked Patrick Dempsey as a replacement for Daniel Clever / Hugh Grant. I think it worked well with Mark Darcy because at least with Daniel, he always knew he was the better man personality and morally. But with Jack, he didn't have that Daniel edge, which made him more of an opposition. I won't go into the story of where Daniel is, but it is dealt with in the movie and in an incredibly funny way. Emma Thompson, who also worked on the script for the movie, was another great addition as Bridget's doctor. Honestly, if you have been thinking of going to see it, go because you will not be disappointed at all!!!

In a very similar genre, albeit with music, yesterday I went to see a local amateur dramatic performance of Legally Blonde The Musical. While I have seen both Legally Blonde movies numerous times and know the story really well, I knew absolutely zero about the musical. But knowing how fun the movies are I thought I would give it a go.

Turns out I love Legally Blonde The Musical. If you honestly didn't know, you would have thought that it was a West End production because it was that well acted, sung and performed. The girl playing Elle was perfect and really captured the spirit and mannerisms of the character. The actress playing the character of Patti was also particularly good but as a cast as a whole, they were all really amazing.

If you know the story from the movie, the musical itself doesn't differ wildly from it at all, apart from a missing character or two. What surprised me about the musical as a whole, was the fact that it was heavily done with songs and the actual speaking part was very minimal, which is something I wasn't expecting. I don't know if that was just the production I saw or if it is like that in the West End/Broadway.

It is a very funny musical and is very much in the same spirit as musicals like Mamma Mia and Hairspray, but if we are being honest, knowing the story, it was never going to be serious. It has really good songs in, in particular I liked Ireland, There Right There and of course, no Legally Blonde musical would be correct without Bend and Snap!

The performance I went to see had a surprise ending as well - one of the actresses in the show got proposed to live on stage! I bet she won't forget that.

This week has been a busy (as you can tell by my lack of blogging!), but an incredibly fun week. Let's hope October is the same!

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