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Current Favourites For October and November

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Long time no post! The past week and a bit has been filled with lots of ups and downs. As you know I was going to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party a week ago (which I went to), but that was also the day my Dad managed to fall and break his rib, so the past week has involved a lot of looking after him - hence no posts! I have also been back to work this week, so I've been a bit tired, but hopefully we are on the up from here. Now onto the good stuff - my current favourites.

- Favourite Beauty Product -

Whilst I have pretty much stuck to BB Creams for work, with a bit of Mascara and Blush, when I went out for my friends birthday, I used two products together on my eyes that just look so good. I started off with a base of Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate. This use to get a lot of love from me, but after seeing a tutorial where someone did a proper cranberry red eye look, I whipped this out. Over the top I used one of my favourite eyeshadows, which is Tanya Burr's Creme Brulee. This shade reminds me of the colour of the Rose Gold iPhones. It was initially in the Candy Glam Palette (I don't know if it is in others), but if you got her calendar last year, it was also a loose pigment. The two together just popped!

- Favourite Food -

Food has been a real hit and miss again this past month. I was really ill at some time in the month, and I lost the taste for food and then I've had a lot of dentist/teeth problems, so my taste has been all over the place. Nevertheless, there is something which never has to apologies for itself, and I had for the first time last night in ages and that is the wonder of the Plain Soft Noodle. I have no idea why I love them so much, but I just do. Teamed with Sweet and Sour Chicken, you just can't go wrong.

- Favourite Songs -

To be honest, I haven't listen to a whole lot of new music this past month at all. I used to listen to Radio 1 in the morning and get my hit of new music all the time, but as Nick Grimshaw does my head in, I listen to my local station instead, which has new music but not as much. So instead I am going with an old favourite. I whipped out my first iPod this week after spending one weekend pulling hours trying to solve a problem with it only to not solve it. I think "Before The Storm" by the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus is a beautifully crafted song and it's the lyric especially I love.

- Favourite TV / Films -

Now here is a section I can really go to town on. My Quad is back of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, which is never ever a dull moment. My anticipation for the crossover is reaching high and I still have a wait. I finished a lot of series including Poldark, Victoria and one of the best, Cold Feet. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but I was engaged throughout and I'm looking forward to a new series. My top watch of recent as well has been Humans, which is just back on Channel 4 and having watched only 2 episodes, I am very hooked already with the way the story is going. But the big one has to be Will and Grace, as I have watched 8 seasons in less than a month. To be far, I had to test the DVDs to make sure they work (that is what I tell myself!).

I've watched three films this month that have stuck with me for various reasons. I bought Zootropolis (or Zootopia, wherever you are from) and not really knowing much about it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think with any Disney film you can always expect a level of greatness, but even being a kids film, it would be something I would watch again, because that is what Disney does best - engaging families, children and adults. My other favourite of the month was Dr Strange. I think they could not have picked anyone better than Benedict Cumberbatch to play him and he was well supported by all the other actors around him. I loved how trippy the film was, but honest to good, in 2D it was enough to make me a little queasy at times - 3D and I would have been hurling. It matched up to other great Marvel movies, but being about magic, it is just that little bit different.

The other movie I watched this week was Batman v Superman (or whichever way round that goes). I did not like Man Of Steal, purely because of the sheer amount of destruction that was caused in the movie and I felt that this movie just repeated that mistake. The story didn't flow well and was incoherent at time - it often felt like you were watching two movies shoved together. And nothing happened for a good portion of it. I also felt the CG was not very good in places and the music in the fight seasons was a little weird, as well as the camera angles. I still don't think the actor playing Superman is better than any other actor who has (that guy in Supergirl is so much better), but I did think Ben Affleck was good as Batman, although he had a tendency to be more of a killer than Christian Bales incarnation (still my favourite). I really loved Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and I'm really looking forward to her solo movie. Don't get me started on The Flash, because I'll never stop talking. I think DC have a one up on Marvel though in the quality of their TV shows, which they don't seem to appreciate in the movies, when they have characters played by different actors. Enough on that anyway.

- Random Favourite -

Wrapping paper shopping. I do not know how many websites I have looked at for wrapping paper this year. I have a whole thing about a wrapping paper scheme and last year everything matched! I have two colour schemes in mind which is either a Halloween colour theme with blacks, coppers, and oranges, or I want to do navy and either gold or silver. I have a couple which I think might be it, but I haven't found it yet. I take it more seriously than the bloody presents lol!

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