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Massive DVD Haul

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Mid week post can you believe it! If you have been following my "My Week" post, you will know that this haul was suppose to go up a few weeks. Post dilemmas were to blame, but I can thankfully say that I finally have my complete order. I ordered all my dvds from Music Magpie, which is the online retailer for the shop That's Entertainment, which sells new and second hand DVDs. I will talk about my ordering experience at the end of the post, as your probably already fully aware of it. All the DVDs I got are second hand apart from two, which I got new.

I ordered 22 DVDs, which if you are a long time follower of my blog, you will know is not excessive for me, because if there is one thing that I spend my money on the most is DVDs. Saying that, the grand total of both order was only £33.90 , which for that amount of DVDs is crazy considering you could pay that for one season boxsets for some shows. Postage is free on all orders, no matter the amount you spend. These orders also included promotional offers, such as 2 for £3, buy 1 get 1 free ect, which they do a lot of.

The first DVDs I picked up were all 8 seasons of Will and Grace, each averaging around 23-25 episodes. I used to watch Will & Grace religiously, but when my sister left, so did the DVDs, so I thought it was about time I picked them. I specifically wanted these boxsets, as the complete collection on Amazon has really bad reviews, and these are the ones my sister had and I found really good. I have currently played nearly 6 out of the 8 boxsets (each episode is only 20 minutes, so you can get through them quite quickly), and apart from a couple of hiccups, they have been like new. One disc did skip in my DVD player, but saying that, my DVD has a mind of it's own and sometimes doesn't play discs that my portable DVD player does. Some of the DVDs have been a little scratch but play well and being cardboard cases, some of them were not in too good of condition, but you expect this buying used and you don't get to choose them like in the shops. The complete collection on Amazon is £30, and I averaged around £1.19 to £2.99 for the last season, so it worked out so much cheaper.

My next purchase was purely for the nostalgic teen in me! I was a massive fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley growing up and I own all of their direct to video movies on good old VHS, so I thought I would upgrade them to DVD. I'm not ashamed to admit that I actually like the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and my favourite is probably Winning London. Each DVD was £1.99 apart from Passport to Paris and Our Lips Are Sealed, which are hard to get on DVD. A lot of them I got on Buy 1 Get 1 Free or 2 for £5 as well. Whilst they say they are all used, Passport To Paris is actually sealed. The quality of these used is really good, the only ones that are a bit more used are the titles in cardboard cases, rather than plastic cases. The prices for these are so good, as some are incredibly hard to get, for instance, Our Lips Are Sealed new on Amazon is £24.49!

The next DVD I picked up was the movie How I Live Now, which is a brand new DVD. I have watched this movie a couple times when it was on Netflix and I really loved it. It's totally in that teen dystopian kind of genre, but I love that genre. It is kinds of like The Hunger Games but set in the British countryside. I read the book it is based on by Meg Rosoff as a teen and it is a very good adaptation. This is actually currently £2.00 on Amazon, which 19p cheaper than what I paid, but with my other savings, what is 19p anyway. As a random purchase, I also picked up the first season of the US version of The Killing. I raved about this series earlier this year when I beasted through it on Netflix and have been looking to purchase it for a while. The complete season on amazon itself is only about £33 but having watched it before, I wasn't too bothered about having it new and you can't complain for £1.69, can you?

My final two purchases again are complete nostalgia ones and replacing VHS. As a teen, I was also and still am a fan of Hilary Duff, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie sums up my teen years completely. I watched it not too long ago when it was on Netflix and I knew it scene for scene. I think even now, it is still cool to be a fan of Lizzie McGuire and it was my first Disney show that I really got into. And finally, need I say anymore than Dirty Dancing. This is a bloody classic if there ever was one and "I Had The Time Of My Life" is quite frankly one of the best songs ever written in my book. I believe I got these again on either 2 for £3 or B1G1F, and I they are £1.99 each which isn't much cheaper than new, but again, having owned them previously, it's fine with me.

As you might have read, I had massive problems getting my order, as part of it seemed to have got lost in the post. I had to wait two weeks before anything could be done, but Music Magpie immediately replaced the ones they could and I had to get a refund on one that was out of stock, though I managed to reorder that in my second order. My second order however I had not problem with and all arrived, as did the replacement ones, so I don't think it would put me off using the service again, especially as sometimes it is cheaper to buy them second hand, especially if it is something you want to watch but don't want to buy new in case you don't end up liking it. There is such a good selection and a lot of titles you do have the option of buying new or used. It is especially good for older titles or hard to get titles, like my Mary Kate and Ashley DVDs. I would recommend the service, considering how helpful they were to me with my order issues.

And that was my little (????) DVD haul. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully have a new post later this week with some bit I've pick up in town - it features a lot of sparkle.

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