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OOTN: Glitter Fantastic

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In today's post, I thought I would share with you the outfit that I am wearing tonight to my friend's birthday evening. We are going to a murder mystery dinner at a local art deco style hotel, where actors perform whilst we enjoy a three course meal. The theme of the murder mystery is Pride and Prejudice, but there is not a chance in hell that I am wearing 18th century style clothing (am I in the right decade there??!!??). So instead, I have literally taken the word glitter and applied it to every item of clothing. Everything I bought is new, but relatively inexpensive. Be prepared for some close up glitter shots!

My whole outfit revolved around these fantastic leggings from Next. These are the Bronze Denim Leggings, which are £26. I would call these more of a gold bronze than a bronze, but they are such a great way to wear trousers on a night out that is something a bit different. I really like the metallic shine to them, but they are not too in your face. They fit really nicely and the best thing is not only do they come in sizes from 6-22, but 4 different leg lengths: petite, regular, long and extra long, so I got them in the extra long. This is great for me, because I am in between long and tall.

To go with these, I didn't want anything to fussy and distracting on top, so when I spotted this jumper in Primark, I knew it was perfect. Its a sparkle threaded jumper, with the main being black and the glitter being a shade not to dissimilar to the trousers. I was lucky to get this because it was reduced to clear, so it was only £8. It's lovely and soft and not too fitted, which I like.

As accessories, I took the glitter theme to the next level and picked up this glitter clutch in Primark. They had some really intricate beaded ones, which would have suited the theme of Pride and Prejudice, but I think as there is a lot going on in the outfit, I wanted something a bit more subtle and that I would use again. Saying subtle, this isn't that subtle as it is encrusted with black glitter, which does fall off a little bit and gets on the hands. However, it does have a strap which you can hold it from if you didn't want to get glitter on your hands if you were carrying it all evening, and it is big enough for the essentials. It was £5.

I wanted a necklace to add a little pop but I didn't want anything to long, so this one from Primark again was perfect. I loved the triangle shaped pieces, as I think this fits with the artdeco style of the hotel, but I also really loved the pearlised pieces within each triangle - they are so beautiful to look at. I think this will create a really lovely shape around the neck and sit nicely on the top. And for £3, if I don't wear it much again, it isn't a huge investment.

My last piece is again from the mecca that is Primark, and it is a hair band. It don't do anything overally fussy with my hair if I can be bothered, and I think there is something quite elegant about the simply ponytail. However, to step it up a gear, I thought this would look beautiful sat at the top of it. And as I have long hair and will be eating - you don't want hair in your food lol I loved the mixture of the pearls, diamontes and stars, I only wished it had been in gold to really complete the look. It was only £2, so if it breaks, it isn't breaking my bank.

And that is my outfit. I didn't get any shoes, not matter how much the glitter encrusted boots were speaking to me, so I think I will either wear my black suede wedges, my studded flat boots or I do have some heeled lace up boots, but it depends on how much walking I have to do lol! Stay tuned for my "My Week" post tomorrow, where I will fill you in on all the details!

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